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  1. It's the root.png image in elnomio's post. I get the popup too.
  2. I'm pretty sure they can't answer your mail within an hour.
  3. Correct, I did read your topics before I wrote. You get multiple solutions in your first topic, but it seems like they misunderstood you. Then you are told to submit a ticket if you need further assistance, did you do it? After this you create a second topic, and say you wasn't clear, instead of just writing in the original topic (your first one). If you read the answer you get, it says "At this moment is not possible to include them into language packs and loading them via ACP. Translating them via ACP is not possible.". Now you create a third topic saying you wasn't clear in both the first and the other topic. How should we help you out further when you don't read the answers? Submit a ticket, they will know how to help you more than we do.
  4. So, if you don't get an answer here, you'll create a fourth topic(and so on)? If you don't feel you got the answer you wanted, bump your topic so it gets their attention.
  5. I can't see how someone could help you out any further, when both bfarber and Ryan already has answered your question.
  6. If your friend purchased IP.Board, then he/she has a license key. You can't purchase only the key. You can't purchase IP.Board without a key either.
  7. I also see a similar issue on the demo where the tooltip is cut.
  8. Are you using the correct login details (connected to that account)? Otherwise you should contact and they will help you out.
  11. It doesn't work like that, as Aiwa said one license = one installation. If you want to run six forums you will need six licenses. Same with IP.Nexus.
  12. As it's told once before, you need to be a client to get the help you want. Of course there is ways to add tabs to the menu, I'll gladly tell you how when you are a client. :)
  13. You are still showing as a visitor and not a customer. If you purchased a license or hosting by IPS, log out and back in again.
  14. If IPS allowed files to be downloaded by non-customers just to "check how they work", then the owners of nulled boards would also do the same. Screenshots is enough.
  15. They use IP.Board and IP.Content. Their skin is called Uniform and it's a custom skin made by Ehren. They just customized it as they want it.