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  1. OAuth Server

    Hi @Ohio Riders sorry to hear you're having trouble. I'll try and diagnose publicly as best as I can. The specific error you're getting states that the callback URL that's being passed to IPS during the authentication process by Rocket.Chat does not match the callback URL that's in the ACP. Here's the link to the actual code returning this error: https://github.com/wohali/ips4-oauth2-server/blob/e83d372d8fc90eacee3b1fd331bf9acfe67d62ae/sources/OAuth2/Controller/AuthorizeController.php#L161-L166 Please double check in Rocket.Chat's Custom OAuth page (under Administration > Settings > OAuth > Custom OAuth: <name>) for your Callback URL - this will be of the form http://your.rocketchat.server/_oauth/name (with no trailing period!) Ensure that this is entered in the ACP under Community > OAuth2 Server Applications > (your application) > Edit > Redirect URI. Any difference here - even upper/lowercase - might cause this issue. If you continue to have problems, delete and recreate the integration both in IPS4 and Rocket.Chat. Beyond that, I'd need admin access to both your servers. I'm kind of busy for the next few days but I could give it a look if absolutely necessary. FYI I have 0.55.1 and 0.56.0 running fine here, so those specific versions shouldn't be the problem.
  2. New: Clubs

    Because you use the right abstraction for the concept - these aren't blog posts or forum posts, they're reference articles for the community that are edited collaboratively and promoted upon review by senior community members. Articles/Pages is the right implementation in my opinion. (Also, we don't currently have a license for Blogs.)
  3. New: Fluid Forum View

    Too bad...since Clubs fracture larger communities into fiefdoms, it'd be swell for there to be a unifying view for things within all the clubs in which you are a member - other than the Activity streams.
  4. New: Clubs

    I've been monitoring this for a while now, and for our community to move from Collabs to Clubs, here's what we'd need from IPS or another provider: Support for Pages. Our Collabs write a lot of things that should be "articles," and it's pointless (and burdensome) to just overuse pinned posts for this. Support for Databases. Same thing - our Collabs develop a bunch of different databases for their own content, and rather than create those at the global scope, we'd like to see them moved to the Club scope. More than 3 member levels per Club. We leverage this to set (and advertise) ranks within our Collabs, and having a flatter 3-tier approach will make it harder for us to recognize people who step up and lead within our (very large) community. This also ties in with point 5 below. Conversion from Collabs (obviously). Support for badges. I wrote this for Collabs (see link below) and would be happy to write the same for Clubs - I just haven't looked into what it'll take yet as we're not in a position to leverage Clubs just yet. https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7815-group-collaboration-badges/
  5. OAuth Server

    https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat/issues/3429 If you want to file a new ticket specific to generic OAuth avatar support, go for it.
  6. OAuth Server

    You're welcome! Empty will use the default, which I believe is OK. Going on memory here, so correct me if I'm wrong. Not easily. Rocket.Chat doesn't import the avatar over the OAuth bridge even though I've implemented support for it on the IPS side. I filed an upstream ticket on this but no action was taken.
  7. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I'm late to this thread, but - I'm the author of the IPS OAuth Server plugin, and specifically wrote it to support Rocket.Chat, though others have used it to integrate with all sorts of other services. Reasons I developed this solution and went with Rocket.Chat are: Our users value their privacy and don't accept the Terms of Service of things like Slack and Discord. Other solutions were either expensive (like self-hosted HipChat) or were a poor match for what we do (like Zulip) We want our IPS installation to be the master login/password, not some other service (which, unfortunately, is the way Slack and Discord do it) Rocket.Chat was easy to deploy. (We use Docker and docker-compose for this.) People really wanted a mobile-friendly chat solution for when they're not on the website, and Rocket.Chat has both mobile and desktop native clients that people love. I've had a couple of requests for some inexpensive widgets for IPS showing what's going on in Rocket.Chat, stats, etc. If others are interested please "like" this post or send me a PM, especially if you'd be willing to fund their development.
  8. Snow

    No, not easily. To target multiple HTML elements I'd need to instantiate multiple copies of the JS snow effect. This JS implementation is already kind of a pig on browsers, so multiple instances will *really* slow things down. Yeah, I can't test this against all themes out there...especially commercial ones that I don't have the budget to purchase. Sorry about that :/
  9. Snow

    New Snow version 1.2.0 posted. Changelog: New feature to enable/disable snow on specific themes only.
  10. Snow

    I worked out how to add this functionality. Just finishing testing; the new version will be uploaded within the next hour. There's already a setting for on/off for mobile in the plugin settings - click the Edit pencil next to the plugin, then toggle the "Enable snow effect on mobile platforms?" option. IPS plugins are very simple and don't have the concept of adding individual user on/off settings. I'd have to convert it to a full-blown IPS application to provide a per-user on/off setting in their Profile page. A secondary option would be via a browser cookie with an on/off toggle link in the footer, but this would be difficult to ensure that it worked with 3rd party themes. It'd also default back to on for new browsers, or if they cleared their browser cookies. In other words, it'd be a sub-par solution.
  11. Christmas Lights

    New version 1.1.0 adds the following features: You can now Enable/Disable the plugin for specific themes Fix for css selector now works with more 3rd party themes Available now from the Marketplace.
  12. Snow

    Works fine on on my board. What error are you getting?
  13. Snow

    The add-on is stable. Is there any sort of functionality you'd like to see added? Good question. Let me look into feasibility. I don't know if I can retrieve the names of all of the installed themes, and/or check which theme is active at the time of page render, but I'll give it a go.
  14. OAuth Server

    v1.2.4 released to fix a minor regression where the new URL path was not displaying correctly in the ACP details for an OAuth integration.
  15. OAuth Server

    v1.2.3 posted to fix a regression with the token expiry task. Note: If tasks refuse to run in your IPS instance, it may be necessary to run the following command against your IPS SQL database to fix the OAuth 2installation: DELETE FROM enco_core_tasks WHERE `key` = 'expire_tokens'; The alternative would be to fully uninstall, then reinstall the OAuth2 Server application.