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  1. If the issue is simply the look then there are themes in the marketplace that emulate the old 3.x style
  2. You can't enable this per group but you can enable it just for access to the ACP if you like. Please note this is not a 4.x addon it is only compatible with 3.4.x
  3. Andy hello.Please write news on you topic about classifieds. Thanks

    1. bigPaws


      Good luck getting @Andy Millne to reply to any query on this, manners are not his strong point - guess coding is ;)

  4. We've added Facebook oEmbed in 4.1.8
  5. It's 4.x specific.
  6. The pics we have been provided are rotating fine locally in testing. Please make sure the PHP EXIF extension is installed on your server.
  7. I have raised this for internal discussion. I agree this would be a good addition.
  8. Are you sure you are using this plugin? The error code you have posted is not from my plugin.
  9. you laugh but who remembers this?
  10. I don't have any plans to upgrade this to 4.0.0 @Police Community. We are however investigating other options for 2 factor authentication in the suite itself.
  11. That doesn't seem like an issue specific to the 2fa addon. The error is indicating that when saving a member that the bday_day database column is being set with a blank value but the column expects an integer value. Disabling MySQL strict mode should let you work around the issue otherwise I'd recommend submitting a ticket.
  12. We do actually have a very basic check for absolutely null posts. If you hit reply below for example without posting content it will notify that the field is required. But beyond this the development time becomes astronomic to prevent things further. The nature of a WYSIWYG editor for example can mean that a blank <p></p> could be retained as well as other invisible html elements or characters.
  13. If they truly are trolling though then you cannot prevent it as mentioned. A troll will troll, that is why we have moderation tools.
  14. The reasons why have already been explained in Please take a step back and understand that if there was an easy fix for this we would of course make the change you are requesting but in practice it is a hypothetical bug that does not actually present in real world usage and there are technical reasons why attempting to do so can actually create real issues. Please do correct me if you are seeing actual issues on your site because of this.
  15. Nice suggestion