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  1. If you perform a member search via the ACP and the results are not as expected please replace the following file on your server which should resolve the issue; /system/Helpers/Table/Db.php Please submit a ticket if you continue to see problems.
  2. If you encounter an issue where editing a Pages block in the ACP does not update the block title on the feed configuration tab, please upload the following replacement files; /applications/cms/sources/Blocks/Block.php /system/Content/Widget.php
  3. If you are seeing many OutOfRangeExceptions being logged to the system error logs when viewing the Moderator control panel please upload the following file; /applications/core/sources/Reports/Report.php
  4. If the issue is simply the look then there are themes in the marketplace that emulate the old 3.x style
  5. You can't enable this per group but you can enable it just for access to the ACP if you like. Please note this is not a 4.x addon it is only compatible with 3.4.x
  6. Andy hello.Please write news on you topic about classifieds. Thanks

    1. bigPaws


      Good luck getting @Andy Millne to reply to any query on this, manners are not his strong point - guess coding is ;)

  7. We've added Facebook oEmbed in 4.1.8
  8. It's 4.x specific.
  9. The pics we have been provided are rotating fine locally in testing. Please make sure the PHP EXIF extension is installed on your server.
  10. I have raised this for internal discussion. I agree this would be a good addition.
  11. hello. maybe you can find 1 min an answered in classifieds topic. We all wait. Thanks

  12. Hi Andy ! i know you're busy, but any idea when we could expect a release of Classified ? tx a lot ! :)

  13. Hello Andy, is there any ETA for your plugin Classifieds

  14. Are you sure you are using this plugin? The error code you have posted is not from my plugin.
  15. you laugh but who remembers this?