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  1. Please accept our apologies, this has actually been included in 4.1.19. The icon will show in the ACP member edit page just as it did in 3.x. It's important to note that this icon doesn't and has never shown that the user registered using this method, only that the profiles are being synced. We will be adding how the member registered in a future release however.
  2. We have tested with PHP 7.1 and included fixes in 4.1.18. There are currently no known compatibility issues.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. I was not disagreeing, we just needed more info on how you would expect this to work from a user interface point of view.
  4. You can embed any content items within the editor by simply pasting the link to the page. How would you propose expanding the mentions system would work here?
  5. This is fixed in 4.1.18
  6. We are looking into seeing if right clicking can be set up to not trigger the edit action.
  7. Bandcamp does not support oEmbed unfortunately
  8. This site does not support oEmbed unfortunately.
  9. I recommend submitting a ticket. There is no reason you should not be able to edit tags when editing an image.
  10. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh low quality
  11. I'm not sure what is being requested here. Could somebody please clarify?
  12. We will require a ticket so that we can check the PHP configuration. We have not yet had any ticket submitted where this was not working for any reason other than the EXIF extension was not properly configured or the image itself had been manipulated by some other application that removed the orientation data.
  13. This is a developer aid to set live search keywords. They are not shown when not using developer mode.
  14. I'm confused. You can set the profanity filter to be bypassed by certain groups. If you trust members in that group just disable the filter. They can then choose whether they wish to use profanity or not. I'm not sure why there needs to be a setting for them to filter themselves. Edit: Oh I see what you mean, sorry. You want the viewer to decide whether profanity is shown to them not whether they are allowed to post it. I guess that makes sense although it would mean a major change in the way we parse post content. Currently profanity is parsed on save whereas doing this would require an additional step on display which is more resource intensive as it needs to be done on every view not just on save.
  15. This is actually already possible by editing the plural noun for each of your databases in ACP > Pages > Databases > Edit > Language. So if you have two databases with entries you could set one as "My 1st database entries" and the other as "My 2nd database entries". The second issue with the categories selectors showing on the advanced search form is actually a bug which is now fixed.