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  1. I'd love for AMP to be available in Pages.
  2. The problem for us is that the search engines will start favoring sites that have AMP. @Rikki I've noticed that other news sites now make you click a button to load the form. Something like "Click here to comment" or "Click here to load comments"
  3. the unread content button on the upper right side.
  4. Ugh. this is causing problems. Is there a way to set the default stream for all users to NOT include gallery?
  5. Your just kinda out of luck for that in 3.4. Even 4.1 has the mixed content issue in certain areas.
  6. Thanks for your help today.
  7. Yes... I ran Let's Encrypt on my 3.4 board for the first 6 months of this year with no issues.
  8. Wow.. what a bunch of sensitive souls we have around here. That tiny little box bothers you? Really?
  9. I created a support ticket on your site on August 28th and no reply as of yet. The support ticket is #258
  10. Great, thanks.
  11. When a user uploads 2 dozen pictures into a single album in the gallery, instead of showing each picture in VNC, it should show that the user uploaded a new Album and show the Album name. My VNC is going to get very very messy come auto show time. I could see showing the picture if it was one or two pictures being added to an existing album, but if the album is all new, don't show all the picture in VNC.
  12. The initial database size really doesn't matter. After I upgraded to 4.1, I also upgraded to PHP7 which seems to have helped greatly in making my site fast.
  13. Try it on what you have. If you get so much traffic you have to move to a new server, consider that a good thing.
  14. If you're just starting a new site, go with 4.1.
  15. I don't get how you could undo deletion of the formatting after you've already tossed it.