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  1. To what end? What does it get IPS or the customers if it is custom to their framework?
  2. The minute IPS does that, people would complain that it doesn't have this feature or that feature or this look or that look. By using a 3rd party, IPS doesn't have to deal with all of that... and if someone needs a plug-in IPS can point to the CKE add-on and say "knock yourself out" instead of having to program something. Are there downsides to this? Sure, but I think the positives vastly outweigh the negatives.
  3. That's *really* important information that I was unaware of. Maybe make put a note in the software saying "Don't use this if you're using Cron"?
  4. The patch worked, thank you. My newsletter just went out for the first time since the patch.
  5. Some fantastic improvements! Still have a over the lack of the offset filter though. Or maybe I just can't see it in the screen shots.
  6. *bump* - any fix for the missing unsubscribe link?
  7. I was really hoping it would just duplicate the process from 3.4. I promote the post to an article and all of the other posts become comments, the thread remains because that is where my comments are stored for all articles.
  8. So.. I'm running another test upgrade today and it went back to this fall back process again. I did what you said, back out to the main upgrader and restart the upgrade process. It used the main screen for a bit and then fell back again. My server load is really low (0.48), so not sure what the issue could be.
  9. Is there any update for the unsubscribe issue? Even after a total reinstall of the app, the unsubscribe link is not generating.
  10. I don't do the nightlies like you do. Each time I do it, it's a manual process.
  11. I would say that I'm interested in it. Most of my tagging is done in Content at the moment (I'm still on 3.4 for another month or two) but the ability to start to tag topics and have them show up in the "similar content" block in my Pages would be helpful.
  12. This doesn't support Pages?
  13. Keep in mind that not everyone uses their install the same way you do. They might be just PMs to you, but they could easily be full on emails to other people.
  14. EMClient on a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon at 1920 x 1080, and windowed down to about 3/4 of the screen. My MS Outlook is set up the same way. I'm not a light email user... I have multiple email clients to keep work email and my multiple personal emails separate.