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  1. Something still isn't right. I just went to make another reply to a thread and a post of mine from 3 hours ago (and a 3 posts ago) came up in the editor box.
  2. If I do use the back button, I frequently get content restored to my editor window that is very old or even from some other post. The one that this happened to me on, I lost 2 pages of work. I hit back and got some old post that had already been posted restored to my editor window.
  3. That sucks..... Sparkpost just disabled any of my users with Yahoo then.
  4. If I'm working on a long article or post that has multiple links and I accidentally click one of those links while I'm trying to edit it, the editor often has not yet saved any draft input yet and my whole article gets wiped out. I just lost about 45 minutes of work this way and this has happened to me multiple times.
  5. I just wanted to report an issue, of sorts, that I've found. If your email fails DMARC or SPF for some reason, yahoo will flag you as spam, but this isn't the same as the user flagging you as spam. I'm not sure if there is a different way to handle this in Bouncer.
  6. Those are already there in the stock IPS software. Google news format is different than the normal sitemap
  7. I agree with @Lindy that the need for AMP outside of the Pages app is dubious at best. We do need to have some third party developer com in and add support for the Google news sitemap XML format as well.... Having the two, AMP and a Google news sitemap, together is a sum greater than it's parts.
  8. What google publicly claims about its search engine ranking methods are famously obtuse at best to downright dishonest at worst. I am already seeing AMP becoming a much stronger signal in ranking than google claims it to be when browsing on a mobile device. When on a normal computer, AMP doesn't seem to matter. But when more than 50% of traffic is coming from mobile devices, that means that AMP is a significant ranking factor for more than 50% of one's traffic.
  9. I know from your experience that you already are well aware of the answer to this, so why are you asking facetious questions? Articles that are displayed on AMP-ready sites are going to receive a boost in Google News searches. AMP has existed since 2015 and it is already used by many sites to reduce load times and gain a special status in Google searches. I, and anyone using Pages as their front end, is essentially running a News site. The vast majority of our IPS sites live and die by search engine visibility. Sure there are private, invite only sites out there, but they are a small minority. Mobile browsing is already more than 50% of web traffic. As publishers, we must accommodate our customers while also using every advantage, like AMP, to gain new ones. If AMP puts me next to Car & Driver in a google search about a car reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, then it is not only must-have, but critical to the success of a site like mine. For me, forums are becoming secondary, if not tertiary to my primary search hits (we get a lot of image search hits due to our extensive photo gallery). I don't really mind if AMP is not enabled for the forums app, but it is critical to the pages app.
  10. Add me to the list of Sparkpost suspensions. Who do you think you'll go to next?
  11. My rebuild task is just stuck.
  12. I installed this because it goes back and fixes the old posts where the IPS version doesn't. However, I am getting a bunch of these errors in my system logs. RebuildContentImages returned a NULL offset - tasks should throw \IPS\Task\Queue\OutOfRangeException when they are finished BACKTRACE #0 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\_Log::log('RebuildContentI...', 'runQueue_log') #1 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\_Task::runQueue() #2 [internal function]: IPS\core\tasks\_queue->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #3 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ call_user_func(Object(Closure)) #4 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout(Object(Closure)) #5 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\core\tasks\_queue->execute() #6 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\_Task->run() #7 /home/ddowdell/public_html/ IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #8 {main} my rebuilt task is still running by the way.
  13. I am getting this same error.
  14. News sites have comments sections. I use Pages as a news site and would really like to see AMP in at least that app.
  15. It's such an important app to me that I'll even pre-buy it. I know it is a re-write, but I have some suggestions on improvements over the existing one.