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  1. This link is dead.
  2. Hi guys, I think there should be notifications added to the existing ignore options. Thanks
  3. Yep those sure are words.
  4. Is there going to be a way to put advertisements inside content? For example, to set an advertising block inside a long IP content article, or a forum post?
  5. Sounds good. Just don't screw up my adsense and I'm happy.
  6. Is it going to have a proper link to a forum. For some reason my sites mobile skins never have a proper link into the forum.
  7. Bump again. It would also be good for the option to also include allowing only a specific number of votes, a specific number of times. So you can give one option 3 votes, one option 2 votes, and a third option 1 vote. Thanks.
  8. Hi. An older float code I was using that no longer works in any newly updated topic, I tried your code but it uses 'float' as the BBCode and it's slightly different to the old code so I can't use it. Is it possible if you could create a version that uses 'floatimg' as it's code instead of just float on it's own? Thanks.
  9. I've been using an XML float code that I downloaded some time ago, but IP.Board updates have broken the code so it no longer displays properly in forum topics (but for god knows what reason, it still works perfectly fine in ip.content articles), causing the images to be displayed as inline images. And I went and found an updated code... but it isn't 100% the same, but still uses the tag "float" so it breaks all the old float code totally (not displaying images at all). So I can either break lots of old content, to have current content work, or not have any proper image floating in new articles. Is there any official float code? Or can this please be added into a future version of the program, preferably with a basic code like: [float=right]image.jpg[/float] Thanks.
  10. There should be a feature inside the AdminCP that lets you know exactly what your average user level would be?
  12. Will tables work? I would love a way to create a good table.
  13. Convoluted process. Please keep the one-touch "Image button".
  14. I don't use attachments, will the image insert still exist?
  15. Another option is to block uploads entirely and get your users to upload things via tinypic, imageshack, photobucket etc. Keep the server storage for your own site purposes.