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  1. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    No - maybe at a later stage (you are first person to request it)
  2. I brought a licence with you guys

    Email, provide them with your license key, and seek assistance. And keep in mind that it is the weekend, and you most likely won't get a response until after it.
  3. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    Feel free to read the few posts from this one onwards: When I can type consistently with more than 1 finger at a time, then I will be able to complete the work on merging the 2 plugins.
  4. How to answer that for yourself - look at a multi-page topic, and scroll to the bottom of the's an example topic:
  5. Hide Links & Code

  6. Merge the first post in the topic

    @Lindy 1 topic. 2 posts (opening post, plus a reply) How do you merge them? You can't because the first post, unlike in 3.4.x, cannot be selected.
  7. Shoutbox Topic Alert

    Might be better aimed at the developer of whichever shoutbox add-on it is that you are using, as IPS doesn't have a shoutbox natively.
  8. He probably thinks the same as the person from IPS who agreed it was not a logical step and mentioned that he would bring it up internally for discussion.
  9. 4.1.18 date & christmas support

    Hopefully you'll be going for one change at a time, not several at once - will make the troubleshooting life a lot easier if something did happen to go wrong.
  10. Status updates enabled by default

    A bug is an issue presented when something doesn't work as intended. I'm pretty sure they intend for the Status Updates to be opt-in by the users as opposed to opt-out, but if you need an official answer then Support ticket is the way to go.
  11. Status updates enabled by default

    He means that he has enabled the use of Status Updates on the site but it still requires that users go in to their own profiles and toggle on the use of status updates - that is what he wants to toggle on automatically.
  12. 'All Content' search

    It comes down to what content is - "All content" means "all things that have been submitted as content in the forums/pages/gallery etc" Members are not content items, are they?
  13. Out of date Plugins and Applications

    Generalisation - killing the internet since forever.
  14. Out of date Plugins and Applications

    They've already provided this specific functionality - as long as the developer has put in a) an endpoint url for the update check and b) a link to a location to download the plugin/app.and c) keeps it up to date on each release. The check is tied in to the update check that is performed every 24 hours for the main suite.
  15. (NE) Hide replies from guests

    About This File Plugin which allows administrators to control the display of topic replies to guest viewers, showing a custom editable message to guests. Guests must register & sign-in to be able to view the replies. Can be set on all or specific forums. Topic exceptions can be made using a comma-separated listing of the topic IDs which will not be affected. Developed & tested on IPS, and actively being tested on 4.1.7 Beta