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  1. Cool - might start using it again after upgrading.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong (been a while since I used the warning system) but isn't it a user that is warned, as opposed to a post?
  3. You're confusing corporate use here - I'm not talking about a corporate using IPS, and I've never connected the two. I'm talking about a corporate (I've been employed by several who do this, and I work with several in my own day job who do this) implementing a proxy filtering system that allows their employees to access the internet, but restricts them from accessing sites that contain 'adult content'. You may think it's up to the user to dictate what they can or cannot see, but it's also up to the employer (or even ISP too) what they allow their employees to access. I've got first hand experience of this - I'm an admin of a site who experimented with disabling the profanity filter entirely, many years ago, after people said they were old enough to handle it (they were) we turned it off. When people complained about the site not been accessible when they were at work, then we turned it back on again. It took nearly a year for our site to be removed from the major 'adult content' filtering systems at that time. Best of luck with your idea.
  4. Profanity filters are applied at content submission, not at display, so it would also involve a change in that area so that the filter wasn't applied at all until display if a setting to do this was provided then it wouldn't be retroactive. This would also potentially expose the site to being able to be blocked in corporate environments where profanity isn't allowed, and the site potentially ending up on lists for adult content.
  5. The addition of a "Is this bug currently impacting your site?" yes/no, and a resulting yes = "Would you like to submit a ticket via the client area?" option would likely cover this one off then
  6. Are IPS not allowed to advertise their own products on their own site to someone who has already bought (and may also in the future, buy) one of their products? If you've ever had a Big Mac (for example) at McDonalds (for example) do you ask them to stop advertising Big Macs next time you go in?
  7. You could always change the icon to suit your needs: applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor\plugins find the 'newpage' plugin folder, and access the icons folder there. Replace the png files to your heart's content - size is usually 16*16 for ckeditor icons, so if you find a trash can then go ahead and whack it on the image and save/replace/
  8. Create your own custom PHP block: $version = \IPS\Application::load('core')->version; echo $version;
  9. I reckon that is more likely your theme at fault here, as I've got over 100 entries on my test site and a) I don't have a scroll bar like you do and b) I can still "add profanity" by clicking the relevant button. Do the following in the ACP - click the 'Signed in as ........' drop down, click 'AdminCP Theme' and change the theme to the default IPS theme. Does the issue still occur? If so, raise a ticket.
  10. The editor (CKEditor) already supports this - it's base64 encoding (go ahead and perform the steps you describe, and then view the source in the's going to be a long base64 encoded version of the image, and not an actual image itself) This content is stripped out upon posting on IPS.
  11. Yeah, ignore me....misread the results. Or have I? It's 6 null votes, which happens when someone views a poll's results. Don't like the result of this, then turn off the option:
  12. That looks abit like the Office 2013 skin, but might be wrong. Anyway.....go to and download a skin from ckeditor's site: Then edit your theme(s) and go to the editor tab and 'upload a new skin' - then upload the zip file you downloaded. Note: Please use a test site first to confirm the skin works with the editor and the IPS theme(s)
  13. You can go ahead and add it yourself via the functionality to add a button.
  14. +"Apple iMac" -Microsoft
  15. 3 = pretty sure you already can do this if you want....the file is called notification.mp3 and is in applications\core\interface\sounds