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  1. I too would be interested in purchasing a IPS 4.1.x version. Any plans to release one?
  2. I appreciate the timely response. When little to no information is provided on the status of a bug we are left to our own devices which sometime include making assumptions that the staff overlook or ignore certain bugs. This is not meant as an insult and I don't mean to imply that is the way the ipb staff handles themselves as a whole. I know first hand how it is to manage a project and have a lot of reports / bugs being reported, they can tend to stack up. I do think the staff do a great job in many aspects, i just think explaining where a bug stands and why it hasn't yet been patched is good practice to help us as the end user better understand what is going on and when we can expect said bug to be patched. @Lindy. The aim of my comment was not to degrade the ipb staff but instead offer some constructive criticism towards the way bug reports are handled. I can see how that may have not come across that way, hopefully this comment does a better job of that. Nevertheless thank you for prioritizing this bug, I cant wait to see the result.
  3. I love humor filled comments as much as the next guy, but this is a serious topic. The point of this thread is to finally make the ipb staff aware that there is an ongoing issue/bug that is actually hindering many clients. It has been reported correctly many months ago, it was replied to by a staff member and it's about time it was properly addressed or some information was provided as to the actual status of said bug. Note to staff: Seriously, it is time to address this bug or provide information regarding it's status. I would expect a lengthy delay of almost half a year on a free board, but we are clients that have paid for a service and I think its time the staff take this into account when features are requested or bugs are posted. I think the way some issues are totally overlooked and ignored depending on the staffs opinion of the severity of said issue is something that should be addressed sooner than later. This has been a major issue for me and my members for so long and I really cannot be productive with my board until it is resolved.
  4. Will buy when developed for ips 4.
  5. Hi adriano, I am using this so our admins can easily change a members group to "banned" so they only have access to certain parts of the forums. The issue is that when we change the users group via your plugin, it changes their primary group, but not their secondary group. EX: If user is primary "donator group" and secondary "member group", when they are changed to ban, they can still post and access the whole forum because it is using their member group. Can you make a option in settings or change it so when the group is changed, the users secondary group is also changed?
  6. Hi if you can help me, I have made steam my primary login method on my board. But it seems when people login, they don't stay on the page they were on, they get redirected to the main forum page. Is there any way I can make it so it refreshes to the page they were on instead? Much appreciated!
  7. If I get what you guys are saying, it is limited to the 100x100 box? Well I dont know how, but I managed to change some stuff and got it so I can have default square or if you say put in a rectangle image in, its doesnt shrink below the 100, it just extends the width to say "150px" to accomodate the size, so I can have square or rectangle images as long as height is 100px.