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  1. htaccess for IPS Forums

    Is this magic supported by nginx?
  2. Begrijpelijk, maar "Alle activiteit" staat dan ook weer een beetje raar. Wellicht is het een optie om daar dan wel activiteiten voor te gebruiken, terwijl je dan voor "Mijn tijdlijn bezigheden" het enkelvoud gebruikt.
  3. Dank. Persoonlijke smaak wellicht, maar bezigheden zou ik veranderen naar activiteit(en) "Alle activiteiten" "Mijn tijdlijn activiteiten", waarbij het discutabel is of tijdlijn niet beter in het Engels kan blijven. Timeline is voor zover ik weet wel een redelijk geaccepteerd woord.. Ook de button onderaan, meer bezigheden laden -> meer activiteiten laden (Of een simpele; Toon meer/Laat meer zien) "Bijdragen die ik ben begonnen" -> "Bijdragen die ik heb gestart" Of iets dergelijks. Dan bij het bewerken van de eerste post in een topic staat er rechts de mogelijkheid om de discussie af te sluiten. Ik zou hier zelf "Discussie sluiten" van maken. Mocht ik meer tegenkomen, zal ik uiteraard dat hier vermelden.
  4. Text Editor not working at all!!!

    Do you use cloudflare? I got same troubles, after purge all cached files. Everything works fine
  5. Advanced Path Aliases - LITE

    Nice plug-in! i'm probably going to buy the full version. Request: 404 error monitoring - captures a log of 404 errors and allows you to easily map these to 301 redirects; Custom code for 404 page - 6 suggestions on your 404 page for users to click to related page/article (percentage of most comparatives urls)
  6. Still no 4.1 converters available

    Any idea what position Wordpress has in its release order?
  7. Donate Sidebar Support

    Yes i already checkt the code but everything is set right.. it's really strange and i can't get a clue why this happend... i see a party to override code. can i generate somewhere a paypal code and add it?
  8. Donate Sidebar Support

    Everyone that donates must pay. any idea why this happens? when they transfer money directly from paypal to me there is no problem. but when they use the button from this widget i get costs like 1 a 2 euro... See image below. red arrow is made with this donation widget. green arrow is transfer from paypal it self.
  9. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    aaah great! i just test the disposable but 10 minute mail still works. - g10239209@trbvm.com - zv1oh58nofeipu44@my10minutemail.comIs there maybe a way to add more domains?
  10. AutoIt Anti-Spam

    So when you have this country check. what will the user see that registrate from a country that's not allowed? Will they get a error message with some explanation? that will be userfriendly if GEO has it wrong, or someone with your language access the forum from a other country. Nice tool by the way
    Very nice plugin. you don't need to make moderators, administrators to see ip-addresses in posts. also the support is great!
  11. Sidebar Poll Support

    ​Yes i change them and disallow guest to see the poll. i select a forum to scan for new poll's. on this point everything is okey. but when i edit the block and change url to a topic in a different forum. the permissions are broken and the poll is visible for guests.
  12. Sidebar Poll Support

    Nice work! Only thing i would like to see is a permission option to exclude groups to see the poll block. i hope you can add this. bug report: When you add a url in the poll, the permission settings you give in the admin panel will not work anymore.
  13. Birthday in Registration Screen

    Very nice plugin!
  14. Birthday in Registration Screen

    I like to request a option to change date format to Gregorian calendar. This is a DD-MM-YYYY format. I hope this will be included ones.