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  1. Hello, please contact me regarding a CCBill payment gateway

  2. Fresh install of what? IP.Board or the Skin?
  3. I purchased your theme about 6 months ago and would like to know the proper way of upgrading the theme. I've looked thru the documentation but there is no "how to upgrade". I've tried upgrading on my dev server but it just creates a new skin set. Please advise, thanks!
  4. Hello, I must say, the IPS Community Suite is looking very sweet. :grin: Have a question regarding regarding integrated payment gateways. I noticed that IP Nexus has a bunch of payment gateways integrated, is there any plans on including CCBill? If not, is there a module out there that could accomplish the CCBill integration? I'm probably assuming that I would need to hire a freelancer to get the job done but just wanted to ask. :grin: