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  1. Now: <div class="ipsSpacer_top"> {{foreach $data as $fieldKey => $fieldValue}} {{if $fieldValue['value'] || !$fieldValue['hide']}} <div class="cTemplateField"> <span class="cTemplateField_label">{{$label = 'template_' . $fieldKey . '_label';}}</span> <span class="cTemplateField_value"><b><font color="#38aaff">{$item->$label}:</font></b> {$fieldValue['value']}</span> </div> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </div> Field with a hyperlink, the URL is the URL prefix but disappears "Aktualny nick:" <div class="ipsSpacer_top"> {{foreach $data as $fieldKey => $fieldValue}} {{if $fieldValue['value'] || !$fieldValue['hide']}} <div class="cTemplateField"> <span class="cTemplateField_label">{{$label = 'template_' . $fieldKey . '_label';}}</span> {{if $fieldKey == 'akt_nick'}} <span class="cTemplateField_value"><a href="{$fieldValue['value']}">{$fieldValue['value']}</a></span> {{else}} <span class="cTemplateField_value"><b><font color="#38aaff">{$item->$label}:</font></b> {$fieldValue['value']}</span> {{endif}} </div> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </div> And here's how I add I have nothing: And my point is that one response was seen only for admin and had hyperlink URL
  2. All nicely landscaped and I still do not know how usutawić this field on the URL terribly sorry ... but not too much to know in this ...
  3. Hello! And you give me an example? <div class="ipsSpacer_top"> {{foreach $data as $fieldKey => $fieldValue}} {{if $fieldValue['value'] || !$fieldValue['hide']}} <div class="cTemplateField"> <span class="cTemplateField_label">{{$label = 'template_' . $fieldKey . '_label';}}</span> <span class="cTemplateField_value"><b><font color="#38aaff">{$item->$label}:</font></b> {$fieldValue['value']}</span> </div> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </div>
  4. Hello! What I mean is that I have installed application version 1.0.3 (10003) I installed it on the old style, now I have uploaded a new style and this application does not work on it, and what do I do now?
  5. Hello! I have installed the modification is, I changed the style, ie wgrywałem new and how to have now activated a new style? Because the old works and on the new does not even show the statuses
  6. Hello! I ask again, I will try to explain it better ... The first question is whether you can set one of the fields as address, that someone pasted in this field link to the writing topic, this field will be available as a link that you will not need to copy the link, but do not you just click and open the new flounder, card? The second question, as it is with hiding these fields? I mean that, for example. I'll do the Password field, and that someone will complement and write about it, it's just the admin will see this field and others will see such stars or something similar?
  7. hm?
  8. Hello! I have the same problem as turn plugin for editing in the profile I only have this option, all other option disappear, how to fix it?
  9. The idea is that if someone paste the link into the field, after writing the topic you can click the link, because now you have to copy the address, and zrobis hyperlinks .... I remember that I wrote about it once, and I was concerned about such a thing, that someone will write such a password, and a password will be visible tylkodla selected group and the other will be hidden ...
  10. Where to find this option?
  11. Welcome! I have a question, if you can do so that the selected field that will be completed will display as a link to the supplement?
  12. Hello! He came e-mail, and a message on the forum that I upgrade to version, so I did and now I have mistakes that application Candidates and forum did not work, how to fix it?
  13. Welcome! I wait, maybe someone will find a solution Because I personally do not know
  14. Welcome! Thank you for your prompt reply, and when you can expect to upgrade?