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  1. Many thanks,found it now. Cannot understand why Ips have made this version so counterintuitive to use. Seems to be going backwards to me. Just hoping board will run faster when tasks have all run otherwise i will be looking elsewhere.
  2. Can someone please give me cron to run. I have tried But getting following error Any help much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for prompt fix,much appreciated. What was problem?
  4. Is this likely to be upgraded to ipb 4 please
  5. Did this get resolved as i have the same problem
  6. Be nice to have this working for 3.4.7 please
  7. Need version of this for 3.3 please
  8. Is there any easy way to change background color of text boxes please.
  9. Just a poor quality video,and my eyesight is not that good.
  10. Been trying to get this working for days,trouble is that vidio instructions is so blurred that i cant work it out, Really need step by step written instructions.
  11. Just wondering if there is a new version of downloads in the pipeline
  12. IP.Board 3.2.3 iArcade v1.2.0 Beta 3 Default skin
  13. Getting this error Fatal error: Call to a member function hook_sidebar_scores() on a non-object in /home/xxxxx/public_html/hooks/iarcadeSidebarScores_43843ffa3e83d104df84ef6cd49b895e.php on line 21 Hook is enabled
  14. I have same problem in that color is not showing on forum index,using Ibskin Redpro skin,tried some other newer skins with same problem.