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  1. Babble: Real Time Chat

    we will see how "clubs" goes for 4.2. I have had to remove other third party support from my apps int he past due to i wasn't able to keep up with IPS changes and changes in the third party app. now with "clubs" i can def see support for this in babble in the near future.
  2. Babble: Real Time Chat

    i've been informed that dev licenses can't be used for "demo's" so i have reverted the alpha of version 3 i had on to the latest version, 2.2.5/2.3.0
  3. Babble: Real Time Chat here you go, it has guest messages enabled as this is my "demo' and i can't have open registrations on it.
  4. Babble: Real Time Chat

    yes it does it is updated in real time like the rest of the chat is thanks
  5. Babble: Real Time Chat

    hello, this is a discussion topic for babble, not a support topic. if you are having issues, please use my support area on my site:
  6. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Doing a poll on to see if i keep the emoji1 third party library, it is quite large, and really doesn't do anything but converts emoji's into images for a consistent look across devices but some feed from users leads me to question this decision:
  7. Can you fix the menu active state oversight?

    CJ Menu, has a feature in it if it is linked to the forum app called "Attach Categories" that it will automatically create the links to all your forums+ sub boards, and they will "activate" when browsing that forum and its topics. you can see it in action here on my site (take note, that isn't the "primary" menu i'm using for it, i'm using instead the Header menu that is included in CJ Menu).
  8. Babble: Real Time Chat please post bugs and suggestions there, as i rarely check multiple places to see what needs fixing or what has been fixed already
  9. Babble: Real Time Chat

    I use to have it posted that it could take me up to 72 hours to respond to a bug/ticket/post on my site (some times longer, if it is like a few weeks ago when i was ill). I saw the topic over on my site this morning, but early in the week i am typically busy with my regular job, and i try to respond if and when i can and as fast as i can. Babble requires a Nodejs server of some kind, either being on the same server as the site or on a remote location. I do have a service in the works, but it isn't fully "public" yet. I'll send you a PM to let you know the terms of the service and get the required information i need from you to get you into it, as the CIC will not support babble directly out of the box due to the added requirement of needing nodejs to handle the websocket nature of babble. when i officially come out with version 3, which will also be the debut of the service version Each person who has purchased the self hosted version of babble (before the release of version 3) will have the option to upgrade to the service version as long as they agree to the terms. after a x amount of time (probably a month or 2) any one who had previously bought the self hosted who wishes to transfer, will need to "subscribe" to the service, which will have its own fee and TOS conditions, and the two will no longer be interchangeable, if you buy the self hosted, you wont have access to the service, you will have to subscribe to the service version and vice versa, you would need to buy the self hosted (similar to how IPS handles IPS, if you are in the cloud and want to go self hosted you need to buy the self hosted and if you want to go into the cloud, you need to subscribe to a cloud package). you can try one of these ports or contact clouflare for further support. I don't personallyl use cloudflare and know very little about it. forgot to roll it over to a tutorial, this is for systemd. forever is a nodejs app that can be install via NPM, something like "npm -g install forever", forever monitors the nodejs script to make sure it is running and if not, starts it back up. starting node via something like "node babble.js" will only keep that instance of node running as long as the connection is maintained, as soon as the connection is closed on ssh or the terminal is disconnected, it will shut down the node instance. it is why i suggested using forever. the above mentioned init script is for systemd and the other instructions are for ubuntu (if you using a different distro you will need to adapt for that distro or if it uses another init system, as some might still use sysv or upstart, which i have no plans on writing init scripts for as they are pretty much replaced with systemd in most newer versions of most distro's). the init script is mainly there to keep the process up and running and to start it in the even the server is ever restarted. i can't say the frequency you might do this, my server has only been restarted in a few times over the years, but it is nice to have things start up with it. But on the product description page you write: I'm a bit confused about this as I never did this before... there are two ways to handle SSL in babble. if your site is https, you can not make a connection to a non-secured URL, so you need babble either setup to handle ssl or you can setup a reverse proxy in nginx or a tunneling proxy in apache to redirect babble connection request to a internal non-secure URL. I would highly recommend setting up babble to use SSL over a proxy (as they can be slow, especially the apache one, which also requires some extra configuration. in version 3 i will be dropping support for reverse/tunneling proxies, as the script can now be started in ssl mode and with the service more or less removes the need for them). configuration of babble is pretty easy, now if you start throwing in the whole ssl/proxy thing, along with cloudflare, you can start to complicate things. I would recommend taking things one at at time: 1. do you run ssl? no: set it up regularly yes: decide if you want to invest in configured a proxy for apache or nginx or configure babble to use your ssl certs. again i would configure babble to use the ssl certs. 2. cloudflare i've never routed traffic websocket traffic thru cloudflare and i don't know any whoever has. i would contact them for the options that you can do, the linked article suggest creating a sub-domain and routing to that and excluding that subdomain from being "cached" by cloudflare. the other way you can use your server IP address in the "node url" in the ACP, this will however expose your IP, but it is one option available to you. there are also inherit problems with the subdomain method, if you do use a SSL and it doesn't cover the subdomains. I will assist to the best of my ability, but i can't promise to make everything work fine with cloudflare (and imho there are far better solutions out there than cloudflare :)) 3. sidegrade to the service the service isn't "official" yet, but it will soon be and i can add more members to the "trial" that i have going. this removes 99% of the problems you are having with the self hosted. I can PM you the details of the service if you like to see if you want to move to that instead of doing a self hosted. again to everyone, I am one man if its been more than 2 weeks and i haven't responded to you on my site, send me a friendly reminder
  10. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Version 3 will be available for both the service and the self hosted version. I was hoping to have it out by now, but i fell very ill early this year and have been playing catch up ever since, so i am not comfortable at this time to give it a release date, and then miss it again Cloudflare does support websockets, you will need to change the port used in babble.js to use one of the ports that cloudflare has opened for websockets.
  11. Babble: Real Time Chat

    they all can be renamed. yes regular chat inside the rooms has an archive and can be searched. whispers do not appear in this (and before you ask, i will not give this as an option. there is a reason they are called "whispers"). they can only be defined in the ACP by a member who has access to the ACP and to that section of babble. in version 3, members will have the ability to create "group whispers" which act like rooms, but they will not be publicly listed. I offer this on my site, it cost $50. at this time i do not offer a "trial version" for testing purposes. if you are able to setup node.js on your server and the ability to open up ports, you should be able to run babble. the IPS side of things is in php and html, and installs/works like any other app in IPS. when i release v3 and introduce the service as well, they will be treated as different packages. all clients who have purchased babble up to the date of the service launch will have the option to "sidegrade" to the service, after this however if you purchase the self hosted, you will not have access to the service and vice versa. 1. it does use the IPS profanity filter, but it doesn't report any one for using a bad word. 2. it has a room widget, but a who's online widget for it isn't currently available.
  12. Babble: Real Time Chat

    Hello @PrettyPixels if they use the sign in as feature, and go to babble, they will chat as the person they are signed is as. you can assign different rooms in the widget, but currently how the widgets work in IPS by controller. so if you put it in the forum's, it will be whatever room you initially set. there currently isn't a way in babble to alter this behavior.
  13. New: Letter Profile Photos

    cool, I await to see what you have done, and see if i can salvage anything from n2a and keep the app going
  14. New: Letter Profile Photos

    centering was a pain, it still is. I put offset settings in to help alleviate it on n2a,but it still not "perfect". there were several libraries i tried too for GD, where it would work great for one font, the next font it wouldn't. GD version would also hamper this, I would get them perfectly centered on my localhost, and then throw it up on my live site with the same settings and bam, they wouldn't be centered...its enough to drive a grown man to cry @bfarber you are probably already aware of this, if not, GD can be compiled without freetype support (so placing text over images wont be possible), so you might need to put a check in there. afaik, imagick always has it.
  15. Post your workstation

    Desk Cats are vital to the developing community, they are responsible for 8% of the frustration, 75% of the delays and 53% of the bugs