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  1. I have a trial service i am running right now, so yes it does on the trial service. When version 3 is launched, the service will be official and there will be a service package and a self hosted package that can be chosen. (self hosted will only be available in the IPS market, where the service package will be available thru my store, as it will require registration).
  2. no it shows how people who claim to be the same heart and mind, can have different views on the details. if all of one belief/ideology agreed on what is and isn't right, then you wouldn't have division like you see in some groups on certain issues. like if it was true what you say about the "principles of wellbeing and harm", then everyone one who "believed" in that would have the same opinions about everything. it is why i stated that morality isn't universal, its not a matter of opinion, its just how it is, as any history book could show you thousands of independent stories.
  3. @Matt is looking hawt in that picture. eat that sammich, eat it.
  4. yeah okay...look up pathological altruism... basically none of it is universal or innate, and often times people who share the same "morality" basis, do not always agree. take liberals for instance, headstand brought up abortion, i'll bring up the death penalty. there is a large silent majority of liberals who believe that taking of life is wrong in either direction, and then there are many who believe its fine in either direction. which one has the "moral" high ground then? the ones who don't want to kill baby's or guilty ppl of heinous crime, or just the ones who has a problem with killing of guilty ppl of heinous crime? so when you say wellbeing and harm is universal, ask the ones who share that view what their opinion is on violence, is it always unacceptable or the means justify the ends? and there are many in the US that want to see business, big or small, keep their nose out of politics and government. so even if companies taking a stand for/against something, will still cause ripples with those who think its not a businesses place to do so. so its not as black and white as it appears to be.
  5. who's right tho, that is what i'd ask...morality isn't universal or even innate. companies should remain amoral, what is good for the bottom line.
  6. i agree, its refreshing that a company doesn't share their political stance with me, and only concentrate on the important stuff like, like their business.
  7. its mainly a font issue, you'd have to find a font that supports the character set, they are out there. something like sans or dejavu has a wide range they support. really depends on the font, some will do a weird image, others will do like [][], but the app will work regardless, you will have a colored background but the letters will be something weird.
  8. yep I also don't mind flying the flag of another dev on my site either, as long it's not gawdy or obtrusive and IPS text link is i don't mind, the one currently on my site with a heart emoji in it, that is bothersome but i've been giving permission by the author to remove the emoji, which i can live with
  9. i remember once, a client of mine complained for well over an hour to me about how much IPS copyright was, and how it was wrong to force him to advertise for them on his site, it was his site after all, ya know. he did this completely without self awareness, sporting his $200 rayban hispter frames, his $50 nike branded t-shirt, his apple watch, with his iphone 6+ setting in sight of the camera on top of a ipad, and then he was drinking from a coke can...frankly branding is every where, and most people are unaware how much of a walking billboard they are themselves. i really don't have a point, i just wanted to tell that story, it always amuses.
  10. Version 4.1.18


    demo: this is the doxygen of IPS 4's PHP files. i will try to keep it current with each new release. Instructions: download file, extract into your IPS root path. open browser, *note: you can upload it to your server, but if you do local development, probably best to keep it there and the above link for demo will be updated with each release i do.


  11. i'd have to agree with @Joel R on this one. I tried the PM/Forum topic thing, its madness, the more places i have to "check" for support issues, the more disorganized my workflow will become. So i am not a fan of "adding" to my workflow as it is. I also don't think its too much to ask to register at my site, I have g+ and twitter login available (had a few issues with the FB login, but will re-enable it too eventually) and the registration really doesn't take that long without those two. My mail server might hiccup from time to time, so if you don't get the validation email, that might be annoying but it is what it is when it does happen. my polliwog app for developers has this built in, the problem i run into tho, I forget to update it. I am working on an update that will tie it into my downloads section, so the form is right there, and all i gotta do is add in the long version and hit save and it will update the record in polliwog for me (but haven't had the time to do that yet).
  12. You can give moderators/admins the ability to set a "chat notification" for pertinent information (as i imagine not everything a moderator/admin says is important ) In version 3, there will be ways to style, thru CSS rules for a members primary group, on the message rows. I'm always open for custom work, but ATM i have quite a backlog so it will be available after the release of version 3.
  13. you're welcome. this uses the same method that it uses on the rest of the site, so it will check first to see if the avi exist, if it doesn't it will create it and yes good thinking about putting a check in it, as i let the ips code i hooked into decide if they have a uploaded/linked avi and if they don't, it will generate one, so it wouldn't have been in the interface file
  14. oh god, people still use coldfusion? lol... the name of the avatar is a hash generated by the n2a settings used to create, the username or Letter/letters (depending on if unique colors are enabled) and/or the color override, along with if gd or imagemagick was used to generated. its not too complicated of a process, i just wouldn't know how to translate it over to CF. this would be an easier way, just upload this to applications/n2a/interface/image (you will need to create the image folder). image.php then you can do something like this: and it will act just like an image would if you access it. so you can put it in a html img tag to have it display. note: you will need to URL encode the username (so if it has special characters in it or spaces they get properly encoded). here is the doc on it for coldfusion (as i really don't know much about CF lol). I'll include this in the next version of n2a too, but this is so you can use it now
  15. i'm not sure how you put the newsletter together, if you do something like take their avatar and put it in there via html like <img src=""> the URL to their n2a avatar (right click on the image, and go to open image in new tab, this is for chrome, might be different for firefox) and you'll have the URL for it. i don't think that is caused by n2a: this is taken from my live site, and it displays the hovercard just fine.