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  1. You have to add the slider widget from the block manager.
  2. Yes, thanks team, great software and service
  3. Nice Job opentype You just need a nice favicon. Also don't know if you noticed and if it's due to recent updates when you click on the home tab the url has a /? at the end of it. Do you reckon there is a problem there or is that normal. I ended up using a url link instead of a page link for the home tab.
  5. Seems nothing to revert on any of them. I tried it on a fresh test install and same problem.
  6. @onlyME Updated to latest version and responsiveness is gone.
  7. Thanks, that worked but all previously marked topics had to be remarked again. Not too bad for me as there were not to many but hopefully this won't happen on each update @Tom Irons
  8. The badge is back but as sulervo says the button is missing.
  9. Any news?
  10. Do yourself a big favour and use either Pages or the Blog App rather than wordpress. If you use wordpress you need a plugin that integrates it with IPB and then you have to rely on it being updated and continuing to even exist in the future. Bin there done that. However if you are set on using wordpress there are plugins. You can just install wordpress at www.myforum/blog/
  11. After latest upgrade to no badge is showing. Tried to reinstall and on a test install.
  12. Can we have the ability to only offer products to certian member groups and not just hide them from specific groups. Reason. We have a yearly membership to our site and each year we have a number of competitions. We sell entry to these competitions. Some of the competitions are only available for the yearly members group. So when a normal member visits a product where they need to be a yearly member I would like them to be advised they must buy the yearly membership before they can proceed.
  13. No thanks, don't like the -r. Glad I can make my own nice unique url.
  14. You should be able to to do this. Have you enabled the fields in the database. Once done you can set them how you want.