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  1. is this working with 3.3.x
  2. from not having the mod installed : To having it installed :
  3. im having the same issue with IP.Content ): hopefully it will be fixed soon...
  4. i found it but it looks like your using .ipsTooltip_inner so if you add a line telling it to move right or float everything ells will probably do the same thing huh
  5. shouldn't it work if you inser a line under the CSS templates "float:right;" ( or something like that) I've been trying to look for the hook name "forumDescriptionHover" but i cant seem to find it .
  6. currently you hover & the popup is right on top of the forum name, i would like to move this over to the right kinda like this is this possible ?
  7. cool mod but can this be moved to the right side ?also how do i locate the actual mod is not under hooks. How can i find it under my template
  8. OK thanks for the awesome work & prompted response....
  9. Oh BTW this disables the pop up menus @ the bottom left...any fix to that
  10. awesome Thanks !
  11. can i stop the rotation of the wall papers & set it to just one ? & remove the option from the slows down the server a lil to much... Thanks