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  1. - Spot in the fun!

  2. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION in / on line 421 error
  3. - It's All About Gaming :)

  4. how do i upgrade it?
  5. all fine thanks +1 for this mod ;)
  6. awesome worked fine :) can you tell me now which code is for images?
  7. ok
  8. and there is no way to add it there?
  9. how can i move the mod in the right place of my forum as it is by default in ipb?
  10. damn why i cant choose my own prefix even if the damn tags are disabled
  11. i did it but i still couldnt see the option select prefix
  12. i cant have tags disabled? and just choose my prefixes? like this pic but without got topic tags thing
  13. just bought it wanna ask if i can use prefixes without using tags,thanks
  14. thankss