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  1. Videos Support

    Hi, Try these...
  2. 4.2 is looking really good on here. Nice work! Couple of feedback points... The Our Picks widget below the forums, why is this and similar widgets that contain content that scrolls not touch enabled? The arrows buttons are fiddly and are not very intuitive on mobile devices and touch enabled screens in 2017. Perhaps reported already or intentional - When opening an image here in your news articles, the light box seems to be missing the option to view full screen when using an iPad?
  3. Donate Sidebar Support

    Thank you @Mike John, much appreciated. I just downloaded it from Devfuse and installed it, the rich text is working great now.
  4. New: Clubs

    I've changed my mind, I no longer think Clubs needs Pages with their databases etc, that's all a bit overkill. Too much like having members basically creating mini websites for free that your server is powering and you are paying for to host, and they would suffer identify crisis with links and references to the host community. Plus Pages is too generic out of the box but more importantly over complicated for Admin's, never mind members who just want to type and post. However I do think it disappointing that there is still no built-in support to add simple rich text custom content/widget blocks to Forums, not only would Forums benefit hugely from custom content blocks that could be easily drag and dropped where you want them like widgets, but then Clubs would inherit the feature and it would give Club owners that bit of extra choice and customisation to easily make their Club stand out and look different to all the others (besides a header). Then we could position ads (inside the block) somewhere in the sidebar other than just the top slot of the side bar, without having to buy Commerce just to achieve that. You could also then quickly add or external/third party content like a Twitter feed, PHP or Jquery accordions, tabbed blocks, sliders etc. Pages provides that ability but limiting custom content blocks to Pages isn't the best idea or use of the system. They used to be Blogs years way back when. There again, I think Pages should be redisgned to a database solution and their should instead be a new much friendlier app created (or perhaps Blogs taken to the Wordpress pages level) for those who want a site home/webpage front end for their website with a range of news articles layouts to choose from out of the box and custom blocks like Wordpress has. This way Admin's would have the 2 sets of member registration databases and members could respond to news comments and post in forums, clubs, gallery etc. Clubs needs just the custom blocks aspect of Pages, at least I think for the majority.
  5. Upgrader failed

    Seems to be working fine now!
  6. Upgrader failed

    Hi, Just for feedback, I just accepted the offer to upgrade to from the AdminCP and after entering the IPS details, it froze. Have gone back to step 3, and its happened again. Is it an issue at the IPS end?
  7. New: Complete Your Profile

    I think I prefer IPS's version of this to the one in Lithium (example shown below in theme used by Sky TV in the UK). There is something to be said for simplicity as the IPS seems more wizard based.
  8. Why aren't security warnings on the Dashboard?

    I can see both sides of the argument here, but at the end of the day, surely it's in everyone's best interest and best practice that security (and reliability) issues/concerns are for what it would take to implement, prominently displayed within the AdminCP, visible on the first AdminCP page when logging in and perhaps even by a courtesy email notification alert to the admin. I've also noticed this before myself, sometimes my web hosting company might sort an issue with htaccess or there is an update, and suddenly my server has dangerous functions but the php ini is no longer recursive in all sub-folders, but I don't know about it until I next click on the AdminCP Security page, which 99.9% of the time stays the same. Or I run the Support Tool to recache everything to make some widget changes live sooner, and then I see a notice about some issue or another. When I say in everyone's best interest, I think this includes IPS and the Admin, Members (in terms of getting a service and knowing their personal data is safe), the Web Hosting provider (in terms of security, support time and overall service), and potentially even other third party users on the same web hosting server, but certainly it certainly includes IPS from the perspective of helping elevate the profile and quality of their product from security and reliability aspects; also because it could result in less restorative and fault diagnosis time in terms of Support. Reduced Support resource consumption is better for IPS and the customers who rely on it.
  9. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    Nice improvements, thank you. Still hoping for an announcement on member rewards, badges and trophies and thought it may be tied in to the Leaderboard improvements news article! Something built-in and not a mod, with motivating attractive trophie/reward graphics shown in profiles, within the Leaderboard and optionally next to forum posts, like this:- Come on, please take it to the next level! I have my fingers crossed.
  10. New: Promoting Content

    Hi, This sounds great, thank you. Quick question. At the moment in 4.1.x when a tweet is made containing a link to a topic, it results in a rather ugly gray icon in the Tweet. I think it has something to do with Twitter meta tags in IPS's code that are used to create these Twitter cards. Is it possible that a screenshot of the topic/webpage could be used instead, or perhaps at minimum a sharing type icon image (in the theme you can add an image for Facebook)? Is it possible to achieve a better image in Twitter feeds for now until 4.2 is released, with 4.1.x? Many thanks.
  11. New: Richer Embeds

    These embeds look really smart, great work Team IPS!
  12. Thanks Simon! Off to take a look. Tracy is right, it is a training/management issue, but one that's also pretty much unenforceable from a practical point of view. Sledge hammer and walnut spring to mind. Third party mods aside, when I think about it, the Quote button makes little sense being there by default in today's forums (when adding the first reply to a topic), it's probably a throwback to the old days. These days there should probably just be a Reply button displayed after the first topic post, since the selective 'Quote This' text facility is more relevant and sufficient if you do need to quote aspects of the OP. There's hardly any justification for quoting the first post in full, within the first reply. Aside from bad for mobile device usability and expenditure of mobile data allowance, it just bloats the database.
  13. Optionally for those who want to use it, like Viglinks?
  14. This is a personal bugbear of mine, users who for some reason persist in quoting (in full) a large post which is the first post in a topic, when they are adding the first reply. It seems totally unnecessary to me, creating more scrolling/swiping to get past the quoted content, especially on mobile devices. I'd love to see an option that prevents users from being able to quote the first topic in full when adding the first or second reply of a topic. I know someone will quote this post now! I guess I asked for it!