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  1. Totally agree NoGi, just a few configurable options and we'd have this sorted at last!
  2. Thanks Lindy! For me I want to switch my news forum article Topics to Pages Articles with the topic replies as article comments, so Promote to Article would be great and I could then delete the original topics so no duplicate content. Doing it one at a time would be time consuming but possible (I have around 170 news topics), so it would be excellent if there was a bulk option version of Promote to Article in AdminCP, that perhaps could run as a background task until completed.
  3. That's great news, thank you!
  4. Lyonharted's post mentioning a large amount of content being deleted by a hacked Moderator account makes me think that there should be some kind of safeguard protection facility in place perhaps, along the lines of any medium-large deleted content by anything less than or including an Admin being automatically preserved for X amount of time, say 21 days. This safeguard would allow for it to be instantly restored via the AdminCP after an attack once accounts have been secured, without relying on database backups or behind the scenes involvement. Perhaps something like this could be perfected by IPS as a security feature?
  5. Thanks Lindy, that's really interesting and great to see IPS is planning for the future. Thanks for getting the feature back on the roadmap too. Can't wait to see some news blog updates start to appear again on refinements and forthcoming features.
  6. It took me a while but I finally figured out @Lindy's cunning plan! 🤔 Keep it to yourself... Each time those twisted, evil geniuses IPS remove a useful feature from IPS, a mod likely gets created in Marketplace, generating additional profits for IPS and financially supporting Lindy's plan for eventual world domination! I like it!
  7. Thanks FP, yeah that's what IPS suggested actually. I think this mod, useful as it is, is probably more than I need.
  8. I respect that, it's how some of my other sites work but without Pages, however for my needs on this particular community I'm then forced to keep Pages and Forums, whereas I just want to buy and run the mod once, use it to move topics into articles with any existing topic replies then becoming comments on the article, then I can dispose of Forums permanently. The author should stay the same and tags moved over too once the mod allows it.
  9. Thanks Adriano. I don't grasp why you wouldn't want to move replies to articles comments. I'm obviously missing why that's preferable. Perhaps it's because I'm looking to remove Forums which are completely dead on one of sites (people seem to prefer to use social media for convenience), and fully switch to Pages instead. I'm actually looking to move my News articles which are topics that were shown on the home page via RSS, it's a one time transfer. Think I'm just going to have to move them all (about 200 topics) manually via copy and pasting, changing the date if the article each time to the original date of the topic unless I can figure out how to do it via phpmyadmin. Nightmare!
  10. Hi, Does this mod allow you to promote the first post of a topic to a new article, and the replies to the topic become the comments on the new Article, so that you can then delete the original topic? I just need to move my topics into Pages, so I can remove the unused Forums app. I don't need it to duplicate topics etc. Does it now move the Tags to the Article as well? Does it allow you to convert multiple topics to articles at once or do you need to to do them one at a time? Many thanks!
  11. I'm so PO'd right now, here we flaming go again. I just spent half my evening yesterday upgrading my communities to v4.1.12.3 after waiting this time for the inevitable patches to fix the patches (stayed with for a few more releases), and now your announcing more fixed files for an issue that MAY exists. Ryan is great, but that's about as clear as mud. Are you saying we need to apply these patched files or not? IPS used to make clear and say if the full download had been updated to include the fix. Sorry for the rant, but it's hot, I'm exhausted and it's a real PITA to get these corrected files if you are using an iPad, you just get a page of source code, so you have to use a PC to get them. I know it's a constant gig forever uploading patches and fixes for more issues with 4.1 series, but can't you get the built in Delta updater to do this (if an Admin wants it) to download the patched files and install them? It's unreliable and hence can't be trusted with full upgrades but perhaps it's more suited to regular small patches like this?
  12. Hi, I have a community where Forums was never really used except by staff to create news articles for a homepage. I'm again considering buying Pages and would need to convert about 160 topics consisting of around 200 posts to articles, so that I can ditch Forums on this particular community and use Pages instead for the home page news and for the rest of the site. I don't want to manually recreate all of that content by manually copy pasting from the topics into new articles, is it possible to more easily convert my forum topics and replies to articles with comments? Many thanks.
  13. I'd like to see an IPS Academy to get beginners (with some basic HTML, CSS, PHP knowledge) coding Marketplace plug-ins, and of curse improved documentation.
  14. I could never be as elequent as Lindy and some our great contributors here in these forums, and I appreciate the cost of Marketplace apps really adds up when you have a few paid-apps for multiple sites, each with multiple IPS licenses, throw in the cost of some themes and add your hosting and domain fees and suddenly hosting IPS sites, especially as a hobby, isn't for the financially challenged anymore, especially when you consider its so hard to make any kind of worthwhile revenue through advertising etc. Often then you've dug a hole for yourself, as you now have a blossoming or close-knit community and you don't want to close it down when the costs escalate and you can't attract any donations or make that revenue to offset some of the rising costs. The justification for the cost of the Marketplace apps has been discussed before and the point is well made. Many of us started off with free forum software like Ikonboard and then eventually began paying for newer, more feature-laden, refined and more secure products. Yes, it's a swift kick in the family jewels when the updates cause so many issues that you don't want the hassle of bothering to upgrade except to stay secure (and then risk breaking half your add-ons and themes in the process). Lindy has been great in recognising and acknowledging some of this especially of late. However, to be honest, it's absolutely still worthwhile keeping the dross out of the Marketplace (of the kind you see and shudder at on Google Playstore). Open source can be great but free is certainly not always better. On top of all that mentioned above, surely we don't want booby-trapped malware, spyware and adware creeping into the Market Place apps and plug-ins etc. Similarly we don't want untested, insecure official apps. We have to keep our respective members secure and respect their privacy as well as our sites and servers. I don't know if there is any screening process before apps are available to download or buy in the IPS Marketplace, I'm sure there is something in place. At the end of the day though, if you buying or downloading free or paid apps from well regarded developers like Michael John, Adriano, Marcher etc, you can pretty much rest well assured. Perhaps I should more cautious as everyone's computer is so at risk these days that even the most respected developer could be caught out. I've never had a virus or worm warning about IPS products or addons that I recall. There is certainly no justification though in opening up the Marketplace for those without licences to develop or download apps, simply ridiculous.
  15. Nice! This is interesting...