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  1. That's a nice idea, an IPS Social Media Manager, which would facilitate and manage in and outgoing content intergration via various social media platforms, without having to pay for paid versions of Hootsuite, Tweetdeck etc.
  2. When you click on the Reputation number next to somebody's post, it takes you to the a Reputation section of their Profile, but the first type of reputation shown relates to Status Updates. This often shows no content which is also confusing, wouldn't it better to show Post/Topic reputation first, as that gives you a nice list of more meaningful and useful content? Many thanks.
  3. Must admit, I'm interested in moving attachments to CDNs but I wouldn't know where to start either, and would be very concerned about unexpected cost, especially since my main community runs at 100% loss all the time and is run as a hobby. My members mostly post off-topic content these days, so the idea of paying to store it on top of my $55 a month VPS web hosting has held me back from looking into this, mostly because I didn't want a VPS over Shared Hosting but IPS4.x kind of pushed me to it with its demand for more resources. Some ideas of what Google/S3 cost small/med/large IPS communities would be useful before diving in, at least for people like me who run a community as a hobby.
  4. I like to think of social media as more suited for quick, almost disposable content that doesn't matter as much such as a quick comment/opinion on a news event, with forums offering more useful, deeper or richer content. I think forums will always have a presence on the web.
  5. I think that's true, I've also become bored. My community has a regular core of people who have been returning for over 15 years, although they've discussed the main subject matter to death, it's for years now been more about keeping up with people they've known for such a long time, discussing the latest to shows, movies, events etc. However although my forums and the hosting have cost me a small fortune over the years and continue to do so, I'd still like to see my members rewarded with something new and innovative in the software, that doesn't require me to spend even more money on third party add-ones that eventually mostly go stale or discontinued. The same could be said for IP.Blogs, my Members haven't used it for years mostly because the necessary easy theming customisation came far too late for them and they like most people are now more into sharing their thoughts on social media, but I still have to retain Blogs for archiving purposes of 1-2 important blogs and the effort that went into them. The developers bless 'em, have done a great job with IPS4 but in fairness, they've also had a long time to get the product right and stable, the time has come to start getting innovative again. Content will always be king, but the software also has a reasonable role to play in keeping our members coming back too. Thanks for all the thoughts and responses though.
  6. Come on IPS! When can we expect to see some exciting new and innovative features in IPS4, to help keep our communities interested? Do you have anything in the pipeline, to help keep our members motivated and keen to revisit? It seems so long since new features like Status Updates were introduced.
  7. Totally agree NoGi, just a few configurable options and we'd have this sorted at last!
  8. Thanks Lindy! For me I want to switch my news forum article Topics to Pages Articles with the topic replies as article comments, so Promote to Article would be great and I could then delete the original topics so no duplicate content. Doing it one at a time would be time consuming but possible (I have around 170 news topics), so it would be excellent if there was a bulk option version of Promote to Article in AdminCP, that perhaps could run as a background task until completed.
  9. That's great news, thank you!
  10. Lyonharted's post mentioning a large amount of content being deleted by a hacked Moderator account makes me think that there should be some kind of safeguard protection facility in place perhaps, along the lines of any medium-large deleted content by anything less than or including an Admin being automatically preserved for X amount of time, say 21 days. This safeguard would allow for it to be instantly restored via the AdminCP after an attack once accounts have been secured, without relying on database backups or behind the scenes involvement. Perhaps something like this could be perfected by IPS as a security feature?
  11. Thanks Lindy, that's really interesting and great to see IPS is planning for the future. Thanks for getting the feature back on the roadmap too. Can't wait to see some news blog updates start to appear again on refinements and forthcoming features.
  12. It took me a while but I finally figured out @Lindy's cunning plan! 🤔 Keep it to yourself... Each time those twisted, evil geniuses IPS remove a useful feature from IPS, a mod likely gets created in Marketplace, generating additional profits for IPS and financially supporting Lindy's plan for eventual world domination! I like it!
  13. Thanks FP, yeah that's what IPS suggested actually. I think this mod, useful as it is, is probably more than I need.
  14. I respect that, it's how some of my other sites work but without Pages, however for my needs on this particular community I'm then forced to keep Pages and Forums, whereas I just want to buy and run the mod once, use it to move topics into articles with any existing topic replies then becoming comments on the article, then I can dispose of Forums permanently. The author should stay the same and tags moved over too once the mod allows it.
  15. Thanks Adriano. I don't grasp why you wouldn't want to move replies to articles comments. I'm obviously missing why that's preferable. Perhaps it's because I'm looking to remove Forums which are completely dead on one of sites (people seem to prefer to use social media for convenience), and fully switch to Pages instead. I'm actually looking to move my News articles which are topics that were shown on the home page via RSS, it's a one time transfer. Think I'm just going to have to move them all (about 200 topics) manually via copy and pasting, changing the date if the article each time to the original date of the topic unless I can figure out how to do it via phpmyadmin. Nightmare!