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  1. Yes, that makes sense. I imagine that they could just add another column easily enough. We used to have this option in the older versions of Gallery.
  2. I wonder why it's so difficult to add that sort order option? I thought it would be a quick fix for the developers.
  3. I have a content slider in a jQuery Pages block on one of my communities home pages and I find it stops working when I enable JS in the footer. Is there a way to fix that? I know you can add aync to the import JavaScript line to make them load asynchronously so they don't hold up the page from loading, but on some scripts it seems to stop them from working.
  4. Hi Mike, I know what you mean, but not really. Using the rules section is more of a workaround to getting a more visible, larger image or one that is a better size when it appears next to the video title. The existing image field doesn't let you resize either and when it displays it is too small. (Not sure if you posted the right screenshot there, seems to be from your auto welcome app.)
  5. That sounds great, thanks Joey. I was thinking afterwards for some sites, would it also benefit from some kind of option like an automated task to automatically remove imported videos after a certain selectable time limit, in order to avoid your site becoming a permanent archive or filling up? I used to do that manually, delete old topics every so often when I used to import the latest movie trailers from the iTunes RSS feed as topics.
  6. Hi Mike, Another suggestion or bit of feedback for you! I didn't realise until now that you can upload an image in the Video category settings, which is great. On my site I've found that it's very small when it appears next the name of the category, smaller than the actual height/text size of the category title itself which looks a bit odd, and the image is too small to sometimes make out clearly depending upon the image chosen. The rules text box allows you to choose files via 'Click to choose files' like the normal post editor does, so I've used that to also upload a larger image to enhance the page, since the category description box itself is plain text and doesn't have the 'Click to choose files' attachment option. If you could attach an image to the description instead it would probably be better, and allow a bit more control over the size of the image for neatness, though I'm unsure if it would cause any problems if the category description is displayed anywhere else in Videos System. Perhaps the existing image option could be better implemented with a larger size and say below the category title or to the left of the category description? Many thanks.
  7. It would be great if you could import a feed of video content into Videos, so for example you could import the latest film and movie trailers from Apple via their RSS feed or perhaps from a YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo channel feed.
  8. Superb, thanks Mike!
  9. Hi Mike, I have a navigation suggestion for Videos System. When you view a video a the category containing multiple videos, is it possible you could add links to the next or previous video in the category? Kind of like what you see when looking at the bottom of a forum topic here, in that it has a handy topic title and link to the previous or next topic, or when you are looking at the first or last offers to take you back to the forum listing. Many thanks.
  10. Good for you IPS. I also think its great that you can set it as optional for various groups, and different areas of the software. I've been using Google's 2FA for a few months now and the only thing I don't like about it, is having to have my mobile phone switched on to be able to log in to Gmail or whatever if the cookies have been deleted, because there are times when I really don't want my phone on, or have to carry it around all the time in case I get asked to verify again. A lot of less technical users don't want the hassle of using or understanding such a service too, or simply don't have a smartphone. I think its a double-edged sword, until they can painlessly and surgically implant an Android phone in my body, I guess having the extra security comes at the expense of convenience. However, seems like a great implementation. Well done!
  11. Any news on the next release please, Mike? Many thanks.
  12. This theme builder is a really cool concept, especially for those with limited time or less experience. It's for Wordpress but it would be brilliant if IPS had the same easier methods in principle. Love the way you can just grab and drag to resize the header or a div, and click on elements to recolour or rename them. The easy theme builder in IPS still has elements and sections missing that mean you have to resort to working out the complicated CSS and overriding manually afterwards. For now, I'd really like to see the same existing "upload and reposition a new cover image" that works great in Calendar Events and Profiles available to make uploading a new header background image quicker, since it's a bit awkward and not as friendly at present.
  13. That's a useful idea, being able to reassign videos.
  14. The Leaderboard would be cached though wouldn't it? Say run once every 4hrs or something? Presumably sone protection so that bots wouldn't be able to trigger a large All Time query loads of times a minute?
  15. Here's a few I'm using...