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  1. I also need this integration, ASAP. Anyone who would be interested in coding? For how much?
  2. I've added this Hook, which adds that feature. // Markus
  3. Hi Martin, I've just started to use the Move inacative users feature. That seems to work fine, but inactive users who logon again are not moved back. Do they have to make a post or something else, beside logging in to be moved back?
  4. Martin, would it be possible to get support for Archived Topics? I just recently enabled archiving which acrhived about 90% of all Topics, so the stats graph is quite inaccurate now :)
  5. Feature suggestion: In the Inbox, it currently always shows who started the conversation and when date/time. I would rather have two options to; - Always show the Date/Time of the Last Reply instead of when the conversation started. - Always show the Picture/Name of the person other party in the conversation who's not me. Or a Group Icon if there is more than 1 recipient. If i sent 10 PM's to 10 different persons, I would rather see their pictures and info, than my own picture on all those conversations :) Thanks :)
  6. Thank you :)
  7. Just a quick question, what's the best way to make the skin a bit wider? Thanks
  8. Lovely, had no idea work was in progress :) Thanks for letting us know.
  9. I would be interested in donating/offering money to someone for making a proper LinkedIn addon. Not just Login, but more integration. So you can connect your current account, share info to/from LinkedIn etc. If it's a powerful LinkedIn integration I'll donate 100 Euro or more.
  10. Thanks for this hook! Wonderful work! Just a quick one, I've searched and looked everywher. But being a male I would have a hard time finding even a elephant in my livingroom... :) Is it possible to associate a google account with an existing account, as you can do with Facebook and Twitter? Any plans on adding that? Thanks once again for a great addon!
  11. Lovely, thanks! :)
  12. Hi, Do you know if this addon works with ProMenu? And would it be possible to adjust the colours in a easy way?
  13. There is. :lol:
  14. I agree, I don't see any use for the gray utility bar. Though would like to know if it will be possible to have different menu options for the various manues, or if they will always show the same? For example, in my "Forums" menu, I've added all Categories as options for quick naviation. But I would not want them to show like that in the Footer, as that will be too "High" and take too much space.
  15. Robert, with the level of support you give to your customers/users and the amount of work you put into the product, I fully support that you change the licensing into a renewal subscription.