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  1. Hi, I did an upgrade last week to 1.5.0 and were happy to see you can exclude members. I created the exclude list, moved all back to their original membership and ran the task manually from: Manage Inactive Member->Run Task. It did not move I initiated a task run from System Scheduler and guess what, all 101 members got moved to be inactive. I tried it with a single user and it is reproduceable. To run the task from the mod itself works fine, to run it from the Scheduler ignores the list.
  2. Would be good to get it as soon as possible because, some bugs prevents me to update from 3.1.4.....
  3. Also, not only Windows LiVe sign-in, I am still waiting for a full AD support....and some others, too. Not, that I don't like these new login methods and implementations but, AD is an pretty old request and was always flagged for future version......ends up to the question: which version
  4. I came to bring the stars for you..:)
    happy birthday

  5. Glad to see that the login method fits for different business evironments with IPB 3.0. I hope, once 3.0 is out, it will be easy to convert or merge the users to the different databases. I am looking forward to see it :)