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  1. This, please.
  2. Sweet. I've done a no cost "door prize" to encourage club members to visit their club site from time to time and this might simplify something like that.
    Whether or not I end up using/keeping this particular layout I could not buy it fast enough. Quality work. The configuration options are a great approach. So nice, so easy. I would cheerfully purchase additional templates from opentype whether article-focused or for other common database uses (directories, inventories, etc.).
  3. I believe you can remove permission for anyone to view it, including yourself. If a field exists in the forest but there's nobody to view it, does it really exist
  4. I wish IPS offered a way to exclude spam-flagged members.
  5. You rule
  6. Use question: Is there a way to set a "parent" category so that it cannot accept submissions, only its subcategories? Similar to the way we can set up a forum but set it to be a category to hold other forums instead of discussion forum itself. Or like the gallery category that contains albums but not individual photos. I have one sort of set up like that (no packages assigned to it) but the submit button still appears and reports a "no packages" error if used.
  7. Yes, please. I have at nineteen pages of spammers and every time I think I'm going to sit down and just grind my way through deleting them (they are polluting/inflating my member map for one thing) I give up after deleting just a couple. Too tedious, too many clicks (as described by @abetts). There has to be a *safe* way to bulk delete them. I suspect it could be done with a SQL query but the consequences of writing a bad query are greater than my confidence in writing a proper one.
  8. Ah thanks. I'm on IPS's CiC so cannot connect to upload single files. I'll upload the new version in its entirety via the ACP when available.
  9. Bug or setup/configuration error on my part? Package display on advert creation don't seem to be honored. My test user is a regular member and theoretically does not have access to the "active member" groups discounted packages. If I set the "supporting member" group permission to can use classifieds without charge, that group is still shown every package I have set up (30/90/annual with and without discounts for active users). Overall, amazing application. Impressed.
  10. It seems odd to me that nearly all the custom field types can be made "required" except checkbox, radio and yes/no. I was trying to add a required confirmation/acknowledgement checkbox to a package (dues submittal).
  11. Too soon to request this via ticket?
  12. I think that is probably the very purpose of Custom Markers. I'm not sure what you mean by bound to users. Users can create a marker in a custom group. For example, in your custom group Private Service Points I could add my favorite neighborhood mechanic, adding their phone number or web site or photo of their shop or whatever. The pin would display with the name I gave it (the name of the shop) and display the information I provide. It is bound to me in the sense that I created it and browsing the list of custom markers (as a database) will show me as the creator. As admin you can edit/delete everything. Feature request I would like to see a feed widget available to insert filtered (and sorted by defined criteria) marker lists.
  13. Understood. No warheads; just seemed like a privacy thing for members who use readily identifiable usernames and may or may not want the world at large to know they are members of the community along with location information.
  14. I must be forgetting/omitting a permission setting somewhere or perhaps I'm missing how it it meant to work. I would like guests to see one set of custom markers (Show Venues) but not the members' markers. This seems to work as expected for 'browsing' the marker tables but not on the map itself. Application Settings Member Map → guests (checked) Marker Groups → guests (checked) Marker Groups Members → guests (See Group, View Markers, Add Markers = unchecked) Show Venues → guests (See Group = checked, View Markers, Add Markers = checked) Group Permissions → guests → Member Map (See Group, View Markers, Add Markers = unchecked) Browsing groups works as expected. However the map itself still displays both members and custom markers with popups including name of member. Clicking the profile link on a member marker brings up the appropriate 'The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in' message. I've reset the server cache via the map admin menu as well as flushing the site cache using the System Support tool. Pointers to what I'm overlooking appreciated.