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  1. So how would we get a mobile app to connect to the api? As we cannot upload a php file to the server as that will also be accessible from the web?
  2. While the REST API guide state that you can use the "key" parameter, there's actually nothing in the code to look for it, unless you run it from CGI (as of 4.1.16). You need to send a HTTP Basic Authorization header $('#action-button').click(function() { $.ajax({ url: '', beforeSend: function( xhr ) { xhr.setRequestHeader( "Authorization", "Basic " + window.btoa( unescape( encodeURIComponent( 'exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe' ) ) ) ); }, success: function( data ) { Debug.log( data ); } }); });
  3. @Rikki - I noticed that in the tags.css file you use important. For some reason i cannot overide the defualt tag colours anymore on my site.
  4. Please allow us to create a name for the storage selections, as we use amazon s3 and a few buckets they all show as the same name and can cause confusion when selecting.
  5. Hi, For some reason after the latest patch the shows grey and not as below:- .ipsTags a[href*="/tags/THE+WEEK+THAT+WAS/"], a.ipsTag_prefix[href*="/tags=/THE+WEEK+THAT+WAS/"] { background: Blue !important; font-weight: bold; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsTags a[href*="/tags=/THE+WEEK+THAT+WAS/"]:before, html[dir="ltr"] a.ipsTag_prefix[href*="/tags=/THE+WEEK+THAT+WAS/"]:before { border-color: transparent Blue transparent transparent !important; } Any ideas?
  6. Hi all ! I really would love to have this for ver 4.
  7. I have a big busy forum, so we have decided to wait a bit to be safe. Still on 3.4.x IPB4 looks awesome and will knock the sh*t out of the competition. Kudos to the team!
  8. I can't upgrade without this single feature as I have multiple domains that requires a RSS feed from my forum. Checking out the marketplace now....
  9. ​​
  10. Sent you PM
  11. Didn't work. I request a paid install of this. Adriano? Anyone?
  12. Hi, Adriano, Installed the App, but member profile pages are now blank, so had to uninstall. Do you do paid installations? I am generous today, how about 50 usd?
  13. Improved search, improved Sphinx search.