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  1. Yeah, I use HTML enabled, the little problem is that I dont want appear template of IPB, I want appear ONLY my HTML code. And this option dont appear for only show the content HTML. Tell me please how to disable template IPB by default.
  2. Is for know what code on what files I have to edit for disable custom template IPB for show only my HTML code. is here where I have to edit some? welcome_members.php //-------------------------------------------------- // Send welcome email //-------------------------------------------------- if( $this->settings['aw_enable_email'] ) { if( $this->settings['email_use_html'] ) { IPSText::getTextClass('email')->setHtmlEmail( true ); IPSText::getTextClass('email')->setHtmlTemplate( preg_replace( $search, $replace, $this->settings['aw_email_message'] ) ); } else { IPSText::getTextClass('email')->setPlainTextTemplate( stripslashes( IPSText::getTextClass('email')->cleanMessage( preg_replace( $search, $replace, $this->settings['aw_email_message'] ) ) ) ); } IPSText::getTextClass( 'email' )->subject = preg_replace( $search, $replace, $this->settings['aw_email_subject'] ); IPSText::getTextClass( 'email' )->buildMessage( array() ); IPSText::getTextClass( 'email' )->to = $member['email']; if( $this->settings['aw_email_from'] == "%board_email%" ) { $this->settings['aw_email_from'] = $this->settings['email_out']; } IPSText::getTextClass( 'email' )->from = $this->settings['aw_email_from']; IPSText::getTextClass( 'email' )->sendMail();
  3. Hello, nice app. I have a question... for send mail in HTML is posible put on send mail in HTML format (Full HTML formatting) without nothing more, only my HTML? thanks
  4. This is a test of my status!

  5. Hi, is posible add this app to IPB Version 3.3.4? is compatible? Is wonderfull app. thx
  6. Hi stoo2000! first, greate job in the update. I have this question: When I delete a custom marker, only dissapear into the MAP when I push recache in membermap cache (custom-mark) Is not posible dissapear automatic when I delete it on ACP? Thx
  7. Thanks for your work and service, You are really good developer and perfect support. ;)
  8. Yes, S.O and Apps are only subcategories (and don´t let create any topic)
  9. Hi Spanner, I bought your hook, but don´t work Properly.. I have this categories and subcategories: Example: Microsoft S.O Windows Server Apps Exchange IIS Market Surface (this categorie don´t have more subcategories) Your hook do: First Show all first categories (OK ) I select for example Microsoft (OK) show second block (OK) But ONLY show Surface category, (Don´t appear S.O and Apps categories) The hook must be show all subcategories, I need can select subcategories on each level minimun 3 levels like the example.. add one block more with subcategories if it has. please solve it. thanks!
  10. Hi! If I want to give 1 positive reputation point (IPB reputation system Only positive) to a member´s birthday: What Have I to put in the field: Data Source Column in the ACP?
  11. Hi, the mod work perfect, In iPad works perfect too, but in mobile phones (with popup mode active) the box with results is showed on the left (only view a half box) )don´t positioning well in the center of a mobile phone. Is posible disable popup mode ONLY in mobile phones with some code? or fix it? thanks a lot. Mobile people can´t search... and it´s very important have a solution for this... THANKS
  12. Ok thanks, I wait for this, for can use it. Mobile people cant use search in this form. Thanks!!
  13. Hi I bought this hook, it´s very good, but in mobile phones like iPhone when I search (it´s zoom auto for write the search) when I zoom out the box results search isnot in the center of the screeen it´s at left and I only view part of box search.... How can I forced that this box always stay on center of screen? in iPad it´s Ok. but in smartphones don´t position correctly. Other solution it´s disable this ajax effect on mobiles.. it´s posible? can you give me a code solution? If I can´t correct this I must disable this hook. And I love it and pay 15$ for it THANKS a lot for your support!
  14. Hi greate mod, IPB 3.3.4 version is compatible?
  15. Greate, can you tell me this line and where I must add this to can select forums? thx a lot!