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  1. [HQ] Awards

    Hi, Any updates on this? Very eager to use it on our forums.
  2. Can IP4 ... ?

    ​That is correct! Thanks for the answer.
  3. Can IP4 ... ?

    Not to hijack, but a question on similar lines. Can Commerce be used for physical goods in the same way as above?
  4. Today I upgraded my forum from 3.4.6 to 3.4.7 to 4.00 RC3. All was well between each upgrade. RC3 upgrade asked me to convert a few tables to UTF8, which was successful. Upgrade showed no errors too. However now, I'm unable to login. Only the top level URLs work. Any help is apprecaited. Thanks!
  5. 4.0 - IPS Connect

    i understood the cross domain part, but do the installations have to be on the same server. I know that was a 3.x requirement.
  6. [HQ] Raffle System

    Looking for an answer to this. I have an unclaimed raffle prize.
  7. [HQ] Raffle System

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to pick another winner if the first winner does not claim a prize. Thanks for a wonderful plugin.
  8. Easy Pages

    Hi Ryan, Before I buy Easy pages.. I'd like to know if I can wrap another application using this mod. Say I have a wiki link, is it possible to use Easy Pages for this? I don't think it is possible, but I might be wrong.
  9. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    No.. I get an error as shown at the developer's forum. Haven't got an update from him:
  10. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    I'm getting the same error.
  11. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Hello, Is it possible to change the sidebar colors too? If not, how do I go about changing it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Thanks. I'll post back on how it goes.
  13. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Hi Ryan, I have another question. After installing this app, I've noticed that the check box next to the tag box whwich says "use tag as link" when posting a reply is gone away. I'm using the open system and "anyone where allowed can set prefixes" Is there another setting I need to switch. See the problem here. i can no longer make the raspberry pi symbol appear next to the post title.
  14. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Thanks for the quick reply