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  1. не забывай пользоваться расческой! Не в каменном веке живем!

  2. Thank you! Still 3 hours early by my count, but thank you nonetheless! Hope you're doing okay. :)

  3. Happy Birthday James! :D

  4. I've been getting this fairly often when browsing topics on here over the last few days. Is it an error on the site or an error with my internet connection? Generally I have to wait a few minutes and it starts working again if I go back to the forum index page. Safari can’t open the page. Safari can’t open the page “http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=267613”. The error was: “bad server response” (NSURLErrorDomain:-1011) If it's an error with my internet, I'll go away quietly. :lol: Just wanted to see if there was anything wrong with the server the forum was on or something related. Thanks. :)
  5. Oh, hey James. It won't be all that often I'll be around, but from time to time. :) Thanks for the comment! ;)

  6. Nice to see you're still posting around here. :)

  7. I got bored and thought I'd pacify Tommeh who keeps calling me 'lj'.

  8. Hey James :D
    New name???

  9. Me and my parents used to go caravaning a lot when I was younger - Ferry Meadows was one of the 4 or 5 places that really sticks out in my mind! :)

  10. So... what were you doing in Ferry Meadows all those years ago? :)

  11. James! :D

  12. .... heh.

  13. Congratulations! It's made me want to take it now... maybe I'll look into it over summer.
  14. Happy New Year. :)