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  1. I use php 5.5 and Zend opcache with IPB 3.4.6 and works fine, probably works in 4.0.
  2. Hello Yes, it's on my list of projects for the end of the year. News of the next version: Option enable / disable for members Script writing on Skin Compatibility with skin Ehren Blue Gravity where detected a BUG. Hugs.
  3. My Lumia 800 fouls :(

  4. Why connect my Wireless?

  5. It worked in my version 3.4
  6. I'm developing an option to have snow in the Script direct, without seeking the 3rd script folders
  7. It's error is the hook DawPl
  8. I could not understand what he said, you said it in Safari and Firefox did not work? Tried to add the code manually?
  9. I agree it would be very helpful
  10. It may be conflicting with some other hook. You can add the code directly into the template. AdminCP> Look & Feel> YOUR SKIN> GlobalTemplates. and add after </ head> <script src="{$this->settings['public_dir']}/neve/snowstorm.js"></script> If you want to disable only remove the template
  11. I tested on 3.3.4 and it worked, I think it's something in the Template. Tested in 2 custom skins and also worked, did you upload the folder NEVE to the folder public?
  12. I'll leave it fixed for the next version You say setting for groups? which groups can see the flakes?
  13. File Name: (SOS34) Snow Forum File Submitter: Kleiton Nunes File Submitted: 15 Nov 2012 File Category: Hooks and Plugins Hook this will create snowflakes effects of climate Christmas Demo in IP Board 3.3.X: Demo in IP Board 3.4.X: Click here to download this file
  14. someone?