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    This app is one of the best I have been working with at my board. Very smart and well made. My top author after all this years at IPS is: RAW onlyME Adriano Faria
  1. Good point here. One thing that bother me for us who sell other things than software. For me digital downloads. Like the gallery resize the screenshots automatic and a setting in acp to set the size in pixel width and height in all categories. For an example category 1; 800x600 pixels, category 2; 400x400 pixels. That saves me a lots of manual resize of my 17 500 files.
  2. Before buy. Can I replace gallery items with download files view instead?
  3. https://coverfriends.org/
  4. There is no problem If you have a active paypal account, but for those like me who have a limited account can not pay with any longer. That´s why I paid with my card and have to wait 2-3 days for a product or renewal.
  5. ok I understand! Now I was doubly drawn. first when I purchased the product and now one more time when you approved It.
  6. Why do you only have paypal as payment? I´m using STRIPE at my site. Working great. Have waiting 3 days now for approve "renew" Featured Content. It´s 2017 don´t you have better sytem than this?
  7. It´s included in this package. Or download It seperate here: I don´t know If Taman first must approve the Download link?
  8. I have two account at paypal, now they are both limited because they are not accept two accounts at paypal. So I can not use none of them. That Is why I paid with my card.
  9. Lucky girl! Not for me, just Pending waiting for approval. The money was charge directly.
  10. Waiting for Approval almost 48 hours soon. All payment goes thru paypal even if you have an account or pay with your card. I think this system is not good to wait. If you buy a software online you will be able to download immediately on almost all other providers. But now I have to plan next purchase because I know It takes time to get It.
  11. Before purchase. Is the color palette editable with other colors? The demo color is to much for me. I want more soft color.
  12. Good woork on the update Taman. First I was struggled with the new setting, but now when I tried with all new settings, I thought it was better than previous versions.
  13. I think the list mode to show everything is not 2017. Screens are build to show wide. Why can´t we choose grid mode in downloads and search as default? This is better and more overview, not scroll all the time.
  14. You said you move to a new server. Have you check the server: admin/system/support/system check so everything is fine there?