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    This is my first light theme for a long time. Very nicely done with beautiful backgrounds and lot of good settings. Support is very good and Taman seems to be very serious when it comes to members asking about new settings that can improve this great theme.
  1. No problem here with the new update. Just the searchbox is not like your demopage. Now grey at my site and white at yours. I like the fade option in the theme setting. Good work.
  2. Your custom searchbox does not working well with some browser for an example Edge. When clicking at search icon the searchtext is not active untill you press the field and some of my member does not click at enter they pressing the search icon after typing the text and then the searchbox closing instead search.. A few member complaining at this at my site right now.
  3. Thanks for a nice theme. Search bar is hard to read when typing because of the transparant background and seeing the menu behind.. And I think It is to long. Is there any way to shorten It. It works well in small screens but in my big screen there is long from one side to an other.
  4. Version


    I want to share this badges for everybody. Complete PSD file editable and font & instruction. Do changes to match your site.


  5. I think you can place a code in custom.css
  6. To link the icon use this:
  7. Use icon from fontawesome (linked). The icon you have now is own png images from the author.
    This theme is even better than "Veizor" (theme from the same author) with more clean placed parts of everything. A little darker than Veizor but I like this better. And the support is great when you find bugs and error. The price of 18 USD is cheap for this kind of theme with quiet lots of option to setting It up.
  8. Zeron need an update to latest IPS

    1. Veilon


      Version 1.0.1 is suitable for I recommend to reinstall, because I spent a lot of work on optimising the settings of the style.

  9. Yes I am following your profile now.
  10. I hope the new IPS 4.1.13 is also included in next update?
  11. I just purchase this theme and the first css error I see was this: Search bar not responsive category menu must truncate like your Veizor theme with a More so the search bar is always in the same position. When a thread has a best answer, now in wrong color. Notifications wrong background. And I can´t change image background, when uploading a new image nothing happen. And every time I save something the icon images i navbar returning back, even If I delete them.
  12. Go to your theme and the pencil. Click on Main Setting, Use rounded photos, set to off.
  13. The theme looks very bad in smaller screns like phones. Background in sidebar is white and the footer is a mess and the welcome title message for guest overlaping each other. What happend with the latest update. This theme getting worser.