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  1. Thanks for reply Marcher ;) I've already wrote to my host to add and enable this function :) I just wonder what are they answer :E
  2. Why I have xml-rpc disabled (in wordpress plugin) when this option and libs are enabled on my host :( I can't get this all to work... My master app is IPB forum, few days ago i put my forum form root into /forum subfolder, then install wordpress in root of my ftp and now it looks like that (example): (wp) and (ipb). Master application is IPB there for I get this Master Key for Wordpress. Follow Your instructions, but when I go to 7. I don't see any of Master XML-RPC API Key option which I can fill my API Key. Any ideas what's going wrong?
  3. Don't work for me. When I try to put my Gamertag I've a MySQL Error. Fix it, please.... I have an idea to add abillity to giving user which can choose their gamecard from the list. (create my own forum version of gamecards it will be good option)
  4. Great app, already buy it ;)
  5. Hi there I found a bug. When I collapse category the toggle button doesn't appear because you put wrong position in css. To fix it must: Open ipb_styles.css, and then find: .collapsed .toggle { background: url({style_images_url}/_custom/sprite_icons.png) no-repeat -33px -82px; Change it to: .collapsed .toggle { background: url({style_images_url}/_custom/sprite_icons.png) no-repeat -94px -24px; } If you want to hide this buttons as default, and show them only if you highlight it must put this code to in ipb_styles.css : Find: .maintitle .toggle { Add after: visibility: hidden; Find: .maintitle:hover .toggle { Add into: { .visibility: visible; Now save it and check them out. It looks something like that:
  6. slider

    It will work only with IPB forum or I must installed IPC on my board? want to use it only on IPB, because for portal I use wordpress :)
  7. Shoutbox v1.4.0 free version requires ioncube loader?
  8. Very usefull guide! Thanks man! Many of these steps I'm looking on many support board but finally find nice and clear tut here ;)
  9. Not working adding awards in profile (set permissions properly), Signature View (disable all other, and enable only this one)... All other works fine. I re-install that app and install newewst fresh pack on board (free version at the moment) ;)
  10. My new proposition is: Number % of all awards got / achievement unlocked in post view and UserInfoPane view
  11. I have problem with awarding, cannot add groups in the awards app menu. I can only simple adding image, awards name and description. Forggot where to set up settings to display groups which can I choose to awarding members on forum :)
  12. Open initdata.php find: error_reporting( E_STRICT | E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR | E_COMPILE_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR | E_USER_WARNING ); change to: error_reporting( E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR | E_COMPILE_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR | E_USER_WARNING ); That fix yours problem with display errors when popup window. I have problems with that XBox Live Avatar, when I put my XBL GT it doesn't show my avatar, because on 3.3.2 put ?_r=0 in the end of link. Any ideas how to fix it?
  13. Yeah, I've same problem for example with Xbox Live Avatar, load it correctly, but added to the end of link something like this: ?_r=0 and full link looks like this: I running IP.Board v3.3.2 (upgrade from 3.2.3 where that hook works correctly). Any ideas how to fix it?
  14. I would like to know there are any chances to add preferences for all users setting to display order? Currently this option is available only in the ACP and is all set only one possibility (Older -> Newer / Newer -> Older).
  15. Paid version = yes / renewall = no. I would like to paid at once and have a legal mod. But if you want to add renewall option it will better for those members who have a problems with that mod. Something like individual support (on own site, etc.) Ioncube version = you lost at least 1 customer more. PS: This is only my suggestion, nothing else :wink: PS2: tomekkru na jakiej stronce posiadasz moda? I czy wszystko w wersji 3.0.6 działa? :smile: