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  1. As of now visibility of attached files is pretty poor. Please compare following screenshots. The first one is from IPB and the second one from XebForo.
  2. Any news?
  3. That would be great
  4. Is it possible to add total number of members who are shown on the map?
  5. Aha! Thank you
  6. I installed ver 3,0,0 but no link shows on my main page.
  7. Thank you
  8. Will keep bugging you...haha
  9. Any news?
  10. Actually it fixed itself...:)
  11. Actually it fixed itself...:)
  12. Having same issue...
  13. This topic started 6 months ago and nobody from Invision dared to say a single word. Yes, no, whatever.. Does "Product feedback" forum make any sense? Are we talking to a wall? I don't want to sound rude but it sounds like ignoring this topic.