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  1. chat?

    I see. Thank you
  2. Trying to upgrade to version but I'm getting this message: If I go back to previous page "Chat" is not checkmarked and it can't be checkamarked. What gives?
  3. Topic Viewed by Users

    So where is actual updated file? Here: it says: Updated July 2, 2016
  4. I don't think we need to create whole plugin to make rather obvious cosmetic change.
  5. Hmm..if so then what's the point for this forum? Just so it exists? It doesn't make sense to me whatsoever. I posted this 25 days ago.
  6. I'm wondering why to even bother to post in " Product Feedback " since there is no single reply. What is this feedback for?
  7. As of now visibility of attached files is pretty poor. Please compare following screenshots. The first one is from IPB and the second one from XebForo.
  8. Member Map

    That would be great
  9. Member Map

    Is it possible to add total number of members who are shown on the map?
  10. Member Map

    Aha! Thank you
  11. Member Map

    I installed ver 3,0,0 but no link shows on my main page.
  12. cPanel access is crucial

    Will keep bugging you...haha