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  1. I have been using Commerce to sell advertisments. It would be nice if the inventory were to be updated along with the purchases and expirations.
  2. Zapier is an amazing tool. I would like to see it too.
  3. I am using Commerce to sell ads. What position would I have to set in this case?
  4. Does it work with Commerce? How would I go about setting it?
  5. Well, we just need to chip in and he'll do it.
  6. I ordered it with a developer. Wanna share the costs?
    This is great for affiliate links. Cannot run a board without it. But if you not set the anchor it will show the link instead of the search phase.
  7. Does it add the email to the list after the user has verified it? Because I am getting a heavy load of spammers on my mailchimp list...
  8. Sorry, but it does not work. Not the batch sync or a single registration. After ipb update it seems to be working.
  9. Yeah, got no warnings. Upload folder was uploaded correctly.
  10. I don't think it ever synced. I've had a lot of registrations but none of them show in my MC list.
  11. It is not syncing with MailChimp. What could be wrong?
    A readme file would be nice, specially for people that don't know that much css.
  12. There is a warning when IPB runs its own updatecheck. Check at: tasks > updatecheck (run now) > observe the result.
  13. I am getting an error on task update: Mailchimp by IPS Themes: BAD_JSON