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  1. Hello, We can not give the member the choice to choose to accept or decline an invitation to private chat It would be nice, no ? Especially for girls who are members Tkanks
  2. Problem after convert phpbb2

    It's ok, thank you the support ACP->System Settings->Forums->Topics, Posts and Polls->Order posts within a topic by and after rebuild topics..
  3. Problem after convert phpbb2

    and starter_id and last_poster_id and starter_name and last_poster_name
  4. Problem after convert phpbb2

    I phpbb2 to phpbb3 to migrate? because apparently the 3 works well Or, I change the table structure ibf_topics by reversing both fields "start_date" and "last_post" ?
  5. Problem after convert phpbb2

    Hello, After converting to phpbb2 IPB, I have a problem in sorting messages ... it shows out of order, from newest to oldest ... I rebuilds several times and nothing to do I think there is a bug in your script for converting phpbb2 to IPB It has the same problem in this topic in french support ipb He said : "in the description "started by" topics, the user is not the city that initiated the topic, but one who said last ..." etc etc Sorry for my english Thank you for your help Cordially