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  1. nexus

    It looks like this was added to custom fields for support requests (or it was already there?), but this would still be an awesome addition to custom package fields! P.S. - So far so good testing 4.0.0 with a copy of my live site. I *almost* switched to cs-cart because of missing features like this one, but the complete integration IPS offers is very hard to beat, even in this very early stage.
  2. I don't believe #1 is possible, but here is how to do #2: Go to Admin CP --> Members --> Administrators --> Add Administrator if the Admin you want to restrict isn't already on the list Edit the administrator, then go to the Commerce tab and flip the switch for 'Grant access to Commerce?' Here is a quick video demonstration of this: http://screencast.com/t/JykqSC30p1HE
  3. I encounter the exact same thing, but only when I upgrade from 3.4.6 (copy of my live site, I've repeated this process several times now with the same result). If I do a clean install of Beta 8 it is fine. Also, I do not use cloudflare or any other sort of CDN service. edit: posted this comment to the tracker.
  4. Hi guys, I've finally had a chance to poke around 4.0 (Beta 6), and was wondering about the possibility of adding Custom Input Validation to custom fields in Commerce (specifically regex), similar to how it is available in custom fields for Pages? e.g. - When creating a new custom field, select Text as the field type, and a new option for Custom Input Validation appears where you can enter the validation criteria. It seems to me there should actually be parity across Commerce and Pages custom field type options, at least as far as things like this, field length, and text formatting are concerned. I would love to have a custom commerce field automatically converted to upper case once submitted, as well as limited to a certain number of characters and the option of setting a default value! Thanks!
  5. ^ indeed. This seems like a commonly overlooked option. I think I once asked Adriano to create a hook that does exactly this, only to discover it was already built into the software. lol
  6. Also, apparently the mobile menu blocks the sign in area on my custom skin as well. I believe there should be an option to remove mobile device detection altogether, but there is not. Setting 'Mobile Style min width' to a very small value doesn't seem to work.
  7. Is there a way to make sub-menus open left instead of right? My skin has the primary nav menus on the right side of the page. Thanks!
  8. Sounds like an idea for a custom skin. Default IPB skin with templates broken down into smaller pieces. globalTemplate would essentially just be a short list of calls to display other templates. Whether it would be more efficient would be debatable though. I think once you get the hang of things its not so difficult to find what you're looking for with the way things are now.
  9. Perfect, thanks!
  10. This is great. Thanks!
  11. "Done" means it just finished uploading.
  12. Its outstanding. Period. I don't think I've ever received more attentive service.
  13. I can't express how awesome this modification is!! It is exactly what I needed! Thanks!
  14. ^ actually it seems most options can quite easily be changed by editing the js file. However I think building them into the hook settings would still be great!
  15. It seems this slider is available with "slide" and "fade" as an option from the original developer. Can you add 'fade' as an option via the hook settings? Actually, it would be nice to be able to disable navigation too. Pretty much flesh out all the options available for this slider.Thanks!