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  1. Hooks are lots, hooks means SQL query, SQL query means time to run the query and time to deliver the results to the client. If SQL server is not so fast, it will lead to some delay on loading the index page! Actually I dont know how much overhead will be needed to run hooks using js. ;)
  2. Hi, IPB is a great product, but I still see some problems. The one I am going to let you think about is the loading speed of the forum page. It can be speeded up just by letting hooks and plugins be loaded after the main page is loaded. Doing this, users can have the perception of a rapid loading of the page becouse the main content has just been loaded (forums, logo, descriptions). After the page has been displayed, hooks and plugins can query the SQL server to retrieve the information needed to display their "additional" things (like most viewed topics, forums, and so on) What do you think? Thanks
  3. Thank you! You are the best ;)
  4. What I am asking is to somehow delay the loading of the plugin just after the index page is loaded. Is it possible?
  5. Ok thanks, just another question. As I can see, the plugin first check if all images are loaded, then load the entire home page is loaded. Should it be possible to show up the page even if all slider images are not loaded, and insert something like a rotating wheel until images are loading? something like this :) Thanks!
  6. Please update! :)
  7. Hi onlyME. An important thing which was notified also by Google Pagespeed is that when you manually insert the URL for the image to show, it does not store the resized image into the server, but just resize it via HTML/CSS! Can you solve it? Thanks! :)
  8. Any upgrade on this? Please it soooooooo important! My team have large screen and see a lot of "white" space from last slide to the border! Pleeeeeeeeease :)
  9. Generally speaking you should pick the min-width parameters of the template and then divide it by the number of image for each slide. :D I know it's not so easy :D
  10. Best support an hard it possible to automatically resize the dimension of each block so that the slider fits the width of the index forum page? Thanks! :)
  11. Thank you! Is it possible to show the "medium-sized" arrows instead of the big one? And is it possible to also add some nice CSS rounded borders on each image? Thanks! :)
  12. Another thing...I tried to edit the plugin using the code in post #200 but I've no success...All seems messed up, can you provide the fixed code for the last version? Thank you! (I've already changed "pluit-carousel with bim_fcontentcss but the small icons on the bottom remain messed. Now I've reverted. THanks! :)
  13. OMG :D You are right! ahahah I think I was sleeping when I've done this! Thank you your support is good :)
  14. Yes, it is enabled. My site is Thank you!
  15. All seems to work except for the Pre, Next and "+" button that doesnt appear! Please help!