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  1. How can I copy my existing forum and upgrade it to 4.0 Beta 3 to test? What I did: 1) created new subdomain for new forum 2) imported DB from existing forum to new DB 3) copied /public & /uploads to new subdomain 4) uploaded IPB 4 Beta 3 to new subdomain 5) uploaded conf_global.php and updated data. 6) Started update, but gives me the following error: An error occurred Location: Step 1. Application Core
  2. Very good. :) Can you add also a feature to send a "Carbon Copy" to a specific email? So that I can se whenever a new invite was sent.
  3. Great Plugin. :) Is it possible to see the members which already paid?
  4. Does this exist/work also in the portal?
  5. [quote name='cyberneticmedia' timestamp='1319761589'] I had the same problem. Wondering if there is a simple fix for this? Great add on though.. keep up the good work. Same problem. [quote name='ibEmoney' timestamp='1324239506'] That setting only applies to the Portal. To change the position of the blocks on the index, you need to use the drag/drop feature of the ACP->Manage Hooks page and also ACP->Apps->Custom Sidebar Blocks->Manage Blocks. I did that but its didn't helped. I love this plugin.