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  1. I will purchase it even tho I didn't know that you're old version wouldn't work with IPB 4 I jumped the gun and renewed for a full year full durp.. Then found out and I know you've been busy with your life and career hence me not personal messaging you asking for the transaction to be reveresed.
  2. I'll just wait for @Dylan Riggs to release a official update @sweethoney
  3. Having nothing but problems since the patch.. 1 Site is completely white can't see the entire site except the ACP... I'm on PHP 5.6 but revereted it back to 5.4 hoping it would fix it nope it didn't do anything...
  4. I did offer to fork it and fix it.. Ah it's a nice addition
  5. If I had the files I can look into fixing it @Adriano Faria Oh I get tons of people that think it's hilarious....
  6. Pretty entertaining lol.. Considering the site's been up for 1 day..
  7. can't wait man hopefully it will be well worth the wait but will be pleased to see a nice finished project.
  8. @Aiwa Hows the progress coming my friend? Just itching to have this sweet addition to the community.
  9. Any Word on the 4.x version?
  10. I still have that latest version of it just before he abandoned it due to him being sick of the work load and ripping people off like myself and a few others got quiet the joy ride I'm pretty sure a few other people do also that can likely give it to you to disect and make it 10x better..
  11. Come back my friend they've added full api structure now and documents :) Love your work hope you had a great holiday season!

  12. @Dylan Riggs Hope you had a great Christmas and Great new years hope to see you back into action in the community soon for your debut of your ipb4 edition Cheers bud.
  13. I honestly wish it was all in 1... Instead of 1 api for sign in and 1 api for integration.. To bad VizionDev gave up on his projects and support.... oh well atleast some devs are good at keeping there stuff updated and working.
  14. @Aiwa any word yet on release for the steam profile for 4.x ? Highly anticipating yours.
  15. @DevRegan Why not reach out to other developers some of them may help. Micheal John @ devfuse may be willing to assist you as his work load is over whelming just something that maybe worth your time my friend. As I really would love to use this as soon as possible <3 much love for your application system.