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  1. We get complaints periodically that posts in a topic are in the wrong order. Half our members want them in chronological order and the other half in reverse-chron. Changing this is an admin function affecting everyone and is not a user preference. People keep harking back to the days when we were on Simple Machines and it was a user preference. Any likelihood that Invision Power will introduce a user preference?
  2. I have the same problem. This App used to work fine. No longer works even after upgrading to the latest version. There appear to be no administrator settings and it simply says "The member will be moved back to the original group once they make a post or visit the board". This issue was originally flagged up on this topic in January 2013. Will there be a fix?
  3. This excellent feature has been working just fine for us since purchase 14 months ago. We recently had to move the website which contained the IPS software and newsletter to new hosting arrangements, doing this via the backup utility in cpanel. Everything started to work normally again except the newsletter does not fire out. Post/new topic alert emails go out but there is no evidence that the newsletter attempts to initiate at all when the scheduled time is reached. We've spent a couple of days trying to figure out what's wrong but we're stumped. Any suggestions?
  4. Global Forum message is a great tool. We've upgraded to Version: IP.Board 3.4.4. Pity it no longer works. Will Global Forum message be upgraded for this version?
  5. Our forum members get upset when one of our moderators merges a new topic with an existing topic: When this happens: [*]Someone starts a new topic on a subject with a existing topic already created!!! Grrrrrrr....... :angry: [*]A "new topic alert", which includes a new topic URL, gets fired out to all those members who "follow" that forum. [*]The moderator (correctly) merges the new topic to the already existing topic (because the "new-topic-creating" member couldn't be bothered to see if there was already a relevant topic they could post on) [*]Forum members follow the link in the email alert, which of course goes to a dead end... [*]Irritated forum members send me rude emails!!! :cry:
  6. This is still a problem, I know I'm writing 18 months since the last post in this topic... But there still doesn't seem to be a solution. Our forum members are getting upset with our moderators every time they merge topics. We have a newsletter plugin, which fires out URLs of the popular/recent topics, which get broken when the moderators do some simple housekeeping.
  7. Excellent, this is exactly what we needed. I'm amazed that there wasn't a newletter function in the standard IPS package. Anyway, this addon works brilliantly, it's well thought out and highly configurable. In answer to the two requests for a screenshot of the HTML output: The HTML email is a template which you can edit yourself, as long as you've got a basic understanding of HTML & CSS One thing that wasn't mentioned in the blub above is that the newsletter email task is set to run every 10 minutes, and sends a maximum of 50 emails per cycle which means we won't fall fowl of our email limit, which is good! Over all... 5-stars... Excellent... Many thanks :)