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  1. I have no problem with other statistics. Are you sure the cache works as intended? In chrome everything freezes for a long time. In Edge it seems like the rolling icon is there for a long time before the stats are shown..,
  2. Hello - nice addon. Allthough I have set cache on - the page still freezes on the daily stats. On the first version I think monthly statistiscs was default view. On the latest version it is the daily view so the stats freezes everytime I open...
  3. I notice that serveral large sites in this country now are moving over to cloud hosts - like amazon AWS and microsoft. All though the cloud solution here at IPS could be superb on the other side of the globe - it might not be the case other places thousands of miles from the servers? So for the users that need to discuss storage and server-solutions other places I think it should be open for that.
  4. I can't get this plugin to work. Have tried to uninstall, and reinstall. Also tried several languagesettings. Also tried to clear cache. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes I actually did! I disabled it now.. I've never imagined that would be the cause. Thanks
  6. I just got an email from my host that one of my boards are used for sending spam. They had to block one IP (I checked that IP - it was down in the far-east I'm on the latest version IPS. I try to solve this now by switching to sparkpost for all email. Does anyone have such experience - any other suggestions?
  7. Yes - you mentioned Groups that can Groups that cannot be given reputation - its all there.. ACP
  8. Well.. there is a setting for that already under reputation..
  9. Actually not. I was thinking more like Groups that not should be displayed. Like admins, management or inactive members ..
  10. Nohh.. the management should stay away from the leaderboard.
  11. Yes - and also for my sites - I have a lot of inactive members from years back that are inactive membergroup. I don't wan't them to count/show either.
  12. Thats only Gold, silver and Bronze medal - isn't it? 4th place gets nothing as in real life. I need a setting to remove certain usergroups though.
  13. I've had no problem with Sparkpost. I send about 4-5000 emails through their service each month. It's a free service after all.. I see that Sendgrid is not free - and that Mandrill actually is a cheaper solution than Sendgrid. I might be missing something.
    Thanks - really nice plugin that brings colour to members. I noticed that when not logged into my site, Guests get a random number or letter instead of standard avatar. I don't know if thats a bug or a feaure. Anyway - thanks
  14. Might ba a setting on your server? php.ini?