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  1. I just noticed that IPS indeed will do this - maybe in 4.2
  2. Check out Lindy's video below. I use amazon myselve - and I like it very much. I have a lot of images - and also use Cross region replication of those images..
  3. I really like this sidebarblock you have. Would you mind share the code?
  4. Just a sidenote. Many chatters are coming from the old IRC-channels - and are used to IRC commands. As far as I know IPS has also one IRC command - "/me" I would suggest that you implement more IRC commands, and specially command "/Invite".. I think that would be a nice feature! Also - mentions - with @ - so that you could mention onlye those people in the chatroom - and get notified when there...
  5. test - nice!
  6. It was difficult to understand what the bug was just from those links... if it is important to you - just file a ticket or suggest for them to fix it...
  7. hmm... You just throw some links to google... where is the bug in those links? to me it all looks ok.. it might be a feature you know...
  8. This would be really nice to have! Any news from IPS about this functionality. My users asking about this... it is kind of common these days...
  9. Only in the area before you order.. just check it out
  10. Thanks. Ad-block removed it. I was not aware the other post. Situated on the other side of the globe I don't think CIC is the right solution for me anyway. To see this ad as a guest is fair enough - not as client..
  11. Lately (today?) I get this ad below my username here on this site. Why is that? As a client I have already bought..
  12. Agree - and I would suggest an option to add a link - so when you click the image you go to external page.
  13. Did you look at
  14. Yes there was a hook we used for integration already a few years back I used it a month or so before we abandoned it.
  15. @Lindy - I've just realised (hoping) that with cometchat users has the ability to connect to my site using the cometchat app? Is that correct? That is great news then...