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  1. Facebook messenger are just a timethief. I don't use it. The only browser that support reading messages from the webpage on mobile is Opera - hurray! I guess it is just a matter of days before facebook closes that option also. Before it was possible also on Chrome. How would I explain that to 30-40 people on my site that are active users and chatters? This is for us a core functionality and the basis for all our gatherings/meetings. If I just remove the chat many people will use gruop chat in facebook instead. Actually a lot of people are using facebook chat instead of forumchat. A loss for us and our activity. These people are used to oldtime IRC, and like it simple.. It is only 2 more weeks before the chat closes and it is a difficult situation for many of us..
  2. Thanks for your informative post. Yea- I will also use Babble I hope. But I did not manage to get it working on my own server. I tried everything, and my co-admin has to do all the work with the server, so I'm in between there. So I'm totally dependable on getting @CodingJungle trialversion up and going again. I certainly are hoping his new version without node.js will be a good solution. Kind of surprising that 15 adminowners still have not found a solution. Did any of you consider using a simple htmlbased IRC setup?
  3. I have an open ticket with:" Someone will be in contact as soon as possible." That's 10 days ago.. Seems like patience is needed..
  4. I have several topics with more than 20 000 replies. The longest one is 30120 posts. I really hate those "cafe" topics, but it seems the members (some) like them, and it is hard to get rid of. Some like them..
  5. I agree. Need a setting to apply also answers in a topic.
  6. Thanks - I have added that too - simply forgotten that. I already tested that on my site earlier this winter.
  7. As of now - there is 4 weeks until IPS closes the chat for good. I have an active chat and all our gathereings and meetings are through the chat-system. I will loose a lot of activity from a core source of members if they leave for facebook if I have not found a solution. I have bought 2 licences of babble, but I did not manage to get the selfhosted version to work. I've tried most of the other solutions now but my users like IPS chat and the simplicity of it. With this topic I just like to Poll how many of you that still has not found a solution to the Chat-problem..
  8. Maybe this one?
  9. Nice. How did yoy set up the wiki? Do you use default pages so that all members can edit? How do you restrict who can edit that?
  10. I understand. In 3.4.x I had this Javascript just covering the editor in that single topic all the time - and they had to push button Yes to be allowed to post there. This plugin is working as intended BTW and it is really helpful in the forum for buy and sell.
  11. Hello Adriano - do you think you could make an option - or maybe better as mentioned above - a new plugin - so that users must accept a rule before beeing able to post in a spesific topic? I still have this topic with thousands of posts that always gets off-topic...
  12. Does anyone know if this plugin works as intended with the latest version?
  13. Hallo @DawPi - did you look at the issue we have mentioned? I did install your plugin on a testboard today so if you like to test yourselve it is possible to check out the error as described
  14. I use the same 2 questions on my sites for the 2 FA system. I get asked the very same question each and every time. I guess a random question out of those chosen would have been better. Is that a bug or does anyone get random questions asked?
  15. Hello. Would it be possible to have it so that only unread posts/topics are shown to logged in users?