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  1. Hallo @DawPi - did you look at the issue we have mentioned? I did install your plugin on a testboard today so if you like to test yourselve it is possible to check out the error as described
  2. I use the same 2 questions on my sites for the 2 FA system. I get asked the very same question each and every time. I guess a random question out of those chosen would have been better. Is that a bug or does anyone get random questions asked?
  3. Hello. Would it be possible to have it so that only unread posts/topics are shown to logged in users?
  4. My topic was written in a time where all those major companies/enterprises made a clear stand. It did not require a lot of backbone to join in, without beeing political. I liked that - and some - like mapbox and a lot more - gave a really good statement by email and on their websites. I certainly beleive that all this talk about banning of countries, building walls, or taxes on trade are negative on any business in the US. Anyone should be concerned - also iPs. The stand of certain companies I'm doing business with have not crossed my mind before, but these issues are too important to just be quiet about. I do understand if iPs like to close this topic for any reason. Have a nice weekend
  5. Yes. These people can not choose this by them selve. They are norwegian residents from country that are on this list and where these contries are not allowing their residents to be released from their residency. What should they do? This is just one minor issue after all, but it just shows how stupid it is.
  6. That is the main question here. Why shouldnt iPs join Google Facebook and Apple? Don't you think they have an impact? Yes they have. @Aiwa more than 51000 Norwegians are not allowed to travel to the us for three months. This is a confirmed number from Norwegian authorities and the us enbassy in Oslo have confirmed that also. The reason is simply that they are not allowed to be released from their native citizenship. This is a big problem for a lot of people. I will not troll about this anymore in case someone find it offensive. My issue was not right or left or pros and cons towards the election. I would still hope that iPs takes a stand in the travelband question. No one has any advantage of that.
  7. Well, I live in Norway. We are only five million people and close allies with USA since for ever. There was 800 000 of us travelling there 100-185 years ago and finally they also was stopped. History repeats.. But 50 000 (!!)of us can not travel to USA because of the travelban - that is a fact. And that raises a question - what can we do about it? and when each and every one think like that it is not good for US business- thats for sure!
  8. If you read the statement from mapbox and replace mapbox with iPs - do you think such an email from iPs would have hurt their business in any way? If yes - why?
  9. I'm on phone now but the email i got from one company sounds like this : I really would have liked something similar from IPS. As I said. I had never theese issues before but I think that issues like this will be more and more important.
  10. You might be right but most og the top companies have made a stand. Why shouldnt iPs do the same? It is not a question about politics at all - it is consumer power. https://grabyourwallet.org/ For instance - I use amazon AWS. I would never taken my storage there if I knew their place on this list. The thought of where my money goes when I send them overseas have never crossed my mind before but it does now.
  11. I have unlimited editing time (they really appreciate that!) and I have no advertisements for paying members. Also a sucess.
  12. There's a impressive list of companies that backs the lawsuit to fights against the travel ban. I've got emails from companies that I'm a customer with on how they stand in the issue, but nothing heard from IPS. So my subject is my question..
  13. If you click through the images in this topic it is rather self explained I hope.. He is searching for Snøsag (snowsaw) https://www.fjellforum.no/forums/topic/41895-søkefunksjonen-utskilt/?do=findComment&comment=377766
  14. Hello. I had to disable this plugin because of this character issue. Could you have a look at it?
  15. I was not given the option to use google auth. Is there a bug here? Topictitle should have been edited...I misspelled...