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  1. Only in the area before you order.. just check it out
  2. Thanks. Ad-block removed it. I was not aware the other post. Situated on the other side of the globe I don't think CIC is the right solution for me anyway. To see this ad as a guest is fair enough - not as client..
  3. Lately (today?) I get this ad below my username here on this site. Why is that? As a client I have already bought..
  4. Agree - and I would suggest an option to add a link - so when you click the image you go to external page.
  5. Did you look at
  6. Yes there was a hook we used for integration already a few years back I used it a month or so before we abandoned it.
  7. @Lindy - I've just realised (hoping) that with cometchat users has the ability to connect to my site using the cometchat app? Is that correct? That is great news then...
  8. Nice work and I'm impressed that you've managed to do so well in so short time. I can recommend hiding links and stuff from guests. That really helps..
  9. Might get Martin to look at that as well - but first of all I would doublecheck all permissions as mentioned before here..
  10. On my map I just rightclick in the map - Edit location - then a warning: Are you sure you want to add/update your location to this position? OK Avbryt
  11. @Lindy - just a note here - I have a license for cometchat and used it on one of my forums for a month or so - without success. My users never got used to it (did not use it)and the userinterface did not "blend in" to the rest of the software as we would expect. So nobody used it - and I had to abandon that experiment. Looking at the chatlogs - nobody was in those chatrooms. Cometchat has a lot of nice features - but that could be a problem - because most of my users like to have only a "chat". I hope at least that if you are going the "Comatechatway" - that we could have the option to keep IPchat as it is today for the time we have paid for it.
  12. It is only one location for each user...
  13. The way it suppose to function is by doing all this in the map - not in the profile. On my site I can rightclick in the map and set the marker - for example. I'm no expert at all - but could I suggest that you check that you have Marker groups as members set - with the correct permissions? ACP community>member map>marker groups. Try add a group and set permissions..
  14. Just be sure you're on the latest version and that the setting in ACP are "correct". You can check the markergroups page at my site here http://www.fjellforum.no/membermap/markers My settings in ACP
  15. OK - might need help from Martin with this then, On my map there as button on the top right corner where each member can add location - and edit the same location with that button. You'll find all markers at yoursite.com//membermap/markers/.