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  1. Thanks - yes that was working.
  2. I get the following error - trying to upgrade from an old version (3.x) to the new one. 1S111/1 Table 'mysite.featuredcontent_sliders' doesn't exist
  3. Yes - that is the bug I also reported and the author confirmed a month ago - I'm still waiting for an update on that too.
  4. If you mean Custom Marker in the map - you can create a group in ACP first, and then you'll find all markers/groups in front www.yourboard.com/membermap/markers/
  5. There is a new version on the markedplace..
  6. Is it possible to feed hashtags (like my #fjellforum) with this plugin and display - lets say 3x3 images in a sidebar block?
  7. If you say so - but all my browsers, chrome, IE and FF report that as a dangerous website and block it. It was just FYI - and might be on my end, but I never experience that anywhere else..
  8. FYI: That link is not working - something with a security certificate. If I remove the S in HTTPS - My bowser report that as a "Dangerous website"
  9. Still an issue on my site as well.
    A really nice addon - and something my users have been asking for! Easy to use and superfast - but there must an option to start with the sidebar open as default - as mentioned by the Major
  10. In my page https://invisionpower.com/clients/purchases/ I have about 50+ purchases the last 4 years: I suggest that IPS remove all old purchases from 3.x days - or give us an option to remove purchases that we don't use anymore. I also find it difficult to have full control of which app I have bought twice - and I think it would have beneficial to all if we had some kind of tagging or internal note on each purchase - so we can see which board we bought it to.. (I have 2 boards and some apps I use on both)
  11. I can't get this to work. It don't show anything - even if I edit a post or post a new post. Permissions are correct. Is there some hidden settings somewhere?
  12. Isn't Live Mail a MS mail account? So then you already have an email account there? I have upgraded my PC's to win10 - and will never look back. It is just the very best.
  13. Everything is solveable. I give my members special groupaccess with commerce - a part of the core product - so they decide their group that way and I have income. I don't know if that's a solution with the languageproblem, but for me the article system as it is is OK enough.. If mentions don't work for you (?)- try to clear cache (Ctrl-F5.) I was disappointed with 4.0 when it came out - but I'm very happy with most of it now. The missing VNC is still something my members are asking about. Anyway - we all get used to this new stuff.
  14. Would'nt it be possible to have those members that want to read a second language (ie Spanish) in a secondary group - and then display only Spanish articles to members in that secondary group - and also at the same time give them all the other languagesettings for that specific language?