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  1. I bought this app two minutes ago. So I can say: 12.50 USD / 12 months = 1.0416. So you can pay that :)
  2. Es una buena traducción. Si instalas "IP. Nexus" asegúrense de cambiar el nombre de la tienda ya que si no les aparecerá "Tienda ADSLAyuda...". Luego de eso, todo esta Ok. :)
  3. Hello, In my site I got clients of multiples countries. Can Nexus show multiple currencies? Example: See price in currency: - USD - EUR - PLN - PEN - etc.
  4. Hello, can I add icons to those forums?
  5. Subscriptions manages allows: - View in other currencies IP. Nexus allows: - Allows all but view in other currencies, no.
  6. Hi Adrian, this app is amazing. In my website I sometimes need to extend the membership of all users, but that's tedious because I have to select each of them. Maybe could add an option to extendmembership to all users; I will buy that.