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  1. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    That seemed to do the job, I have also decided to sync the database structure from my new install to the old forum, which should allow me to sync the data. One lesson learn't... Always keep your software updated :) Hopefully my next message will be a "yay" but I am not going to count my chickens!
  2. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    UpgradeFinish, where would I find that? sorry cpanel = ACP Dashboard this is what is showing the old version :(
  3. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    Hi AndyF, Sadly the upgrade did not complete and now I have an issue as the upgrader thinks I am using the 3.3.4 but the cpanel is showing 3.2.3. So I think I am going to go back to the original request, if you could send me the MySQL commands between 3.2.3 to 3.3.4 that would be most amazing and would help me out of a pickle :)
  4. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    I think you are right, I think it makes sense to upgrade the old forum and then migrate the tables we need. I will proceed on that basis but if for some reason its not working, it would be great to take you up on your offer. I will let you know how I get on :)
  5. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    I guess the other option which might be even better would be to turn off and upgrade the current 3.2 so it updated the database and then migrate the tables I need to the new 3.3.4 install.
  6. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    Hi AndyF, I am in the middle of a messy migration, I have a running active 3.2 live and a development 3.3.4, unfortunately we have been testing hard on the 3.3.4 so I cannot simply migrate the forum data. My plan was to move the transfer the current database and upgrade using the SQL commands, the other option (which might be easier) would be to export the data from the 3.2 and import it to 3.3.4 however this might take longer. The tricky part is that I only want to migrate some tables as we have done quite a lot of work on the new one e.g. setting up forums, settings, etc. I know what tables I want to move, so really I just need to know the upgrade commands would be from 3.2 > 3.3.x Sorry if I have over complicated this :)
  7. SQL Commands IPB 3.2 > 3.3.4

    Hi Guys, Can anyone provide the SQL commands for upgrading from 3.2 to the latest version of IPB? Thanks for your time. Andy