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  1. ​Thanks Mike. Another feature that would be useful: a setting that enables one or two specific topics to remain as the top stories on the portal until a specific time (or elapsed time.) I accomplish this now by changing the date of the topic into the future, but this sometimes causes confusion.
  2. on my photo forum there are many topics with attached images, but unless the poster clicks 'Add to Post' these images do not appear on the Portal. Is there a way to get these images to appear by default even if 'add to post' is not used? Thanks!
  3. ​All affected members report no change after clearing browser cache
  4. ​I am also having this problem. In addition, a user has reported this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function formatRadio() on a non-object in ...../applications_addon/other/topictemplate/sources/fields/radio.php on line 119
  5. Also getting reports about Opera doing the same thing. I will ask them to clear cache and report back.
  6. Unfortunately I am getting reports (Windows 7 with Chrome) that the flashing/pulsing text is back...the code in use is as above (from Feb 3)
  7. ​ This seems to have worked...thanks again for your assistance. I'll report back if there are any new issues that pop up.
  8. Thank you, that appears to have fixed the flashing/pulsing text. Still have members using Windows and IE who cannot see the slider, they just see a spinning wheel, Here is the thread, and a screen shot:
  9. I don't know what you mean by 'fade effect.' Did you watch the video?
  10. Any way to keep the text from flickering as shown below? Also have some forum members reporting issues with the slider....using windows 7/8 and Internet Explorer 11... ​
  11. Thank you sir!
  12. It needs to work via a portal block not by messing with templates. Thank you!
  13. Tried that several times without success:(
  14. I would also like to know how to use this in sidebar using the Portal app from Mike John.
  15. Yes, I read the read me. But there are many things missing; for example, I had to read 40+ pages of this topic before I found the reference for "app=portal." Another: there is no reference in the readme to using text such as */56-generic-forum/* except in this thread. I am having a problem with text that flickers. All the blue text on the page flickers whenever the slider is working. Do you have any ideas to fix this? Video below. Not sure if this happens on all browsers, this is Mac OS using Safari. The site is