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  1. Hello, Any errors? I've tested on my dev board and all works fine.
  2. Hello, Admin can reorder icons.
  3. @pilotguy Is the application works now for you or not?
  4. Hello, Works fine on Have you configure the app? 1. ACP - Community - (NB40) Mentions - Settings 2. ACP - Community - (NB40) Mentions - Sets. Create sets. 3. ACP - Members - Groups - Choose any group - tab Mentions
  5. Not in the current version.
  6. Hello, They should be centered by default
  7. "Test on default theme" and "Use on default theme" is different things. If my plugin works on default theme you need to find a reason in your custom theme.
  8. Hello, 1. Run the support tool. 2. Test on default ips theme. Questions Topics
  9. Hello, Yes.
  10. {{if \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->directory == 'cms' and \IPS\cms\Databases\Dispatcher::i()->recordId and in_array(\IPS\cms\Databases\Dispatcher::i()->categoryId, array(2, 5))}} code {{endif}}
  11. Change {{if !in_array($forumId, array(9))}} to {{if in_array($forumId, array(110, 111))}}
  12. Hello, Yes. Use or tell me where you want add adverts and I'll help
  13. Hello, No. Yes. Added.
  14. Strange. I see a setting on Custom tab
  15. ACP - Customization - Themes - choose theme and click on pencil icon.