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  1. You can put in the block as many ads as you want.
  2. Maybe I'll add code boxes in the next release. What's the block? Pages app?
  3. Added already (version 1.0.4) No. I added select box not code boxes for devices.
  4. No ACP - Enhanced Adverts - Advertisements - Settings I asked on PM and you told me "one replaced advert for all adverts"
  5. Hello, Have you seen how the app works? It does not depend on image or html. It check css selectors. You can use <img src="ad.png" class="protect_this_image"> Or <div class="protect_this_div">Some text</div> Then add css selectors .protect_this_image and .protect_this_div You mean html ads? What to add?
  6. 1. You need to select "IPS Carousel" type 2. Open nbAdsWidget template (ACP - Customization -Themes - your theme - click on </> - core - global - plugins - nbAdsWidget) Find data-ipsCarousel change to data-ipsCarousel data-ipsCarousel-fullSizeItems
  7. Hello, Where? Sidebar/Top? Give me more info please
  8. Hello, No What to add and where?
  9. Hello, I can't reproduce. Show me the settings, tell me IPS version, check on inbuilt theme. I see on your forum the block Steam is duplicated.
  10. Hello, You wrote about that. Check your PM #193862. I need ftp/acp access.
  11. Hello, No. Maybe if you tell (show) me how it will be works. I have an idea but maybe you have other.
  12. Hello, I read above about that. I can't reproduce. Can you give ACP access and/or tell me steps to reproduce the problem.
  13. applications/football/widgets/fixtures.php Find $teamsLeagues = (count($teams) ? \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'team1', $teams ) . ' OR ' . \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'team2', $teams ) : '') . (count($leagues) ? ' OR ' . \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'lig_id', $leagues ) : ''); replace with $teamsLeagues = (count($teams) ? \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'team1', $teams ) . ' OR ' . \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'team2', $teams ) : '') . (count($leagues) ? (count($teams) ? ' OR ' : '') . \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'lig_id', $leagues ) : ''); However, if someone is not able to apply the fix (don't know how to edit files, hosted on CiC) I will be releasing a new version asap.
  14. Hello, Confirmed as a bug.
  15. Hello, No.