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  1. Hello, I want this too. Hope the developer will add that feature.
  2. Check plugin settings. Also the position has been changed.
  3. Hello, If you give me acp (and fpt for debugging) access I'll look into that.
  4. Hello, The block "Top contributors" related with items/comments/reviews and get the data from table core_reputation_index. My application does not add records to the table. Update user repuatition only.
  5. Hello, Please give me some time to fix that.
  6. Hello, If you give me acp/ftp access I'll look into.
  7. Confirmed and fixed.
  8. Hello, Not tested on 4.1.16. I need a time to upgrade my dev board and testing.
  9. Hello, I've used a column 'description'. Check a table 'topics'. Otherwise you will need to rename a column.
  10. Hello, What should I add/edit/delete?
  11. I'm planning upload new version on weekend. i'm working on that
  12. Added in 1.0.2
  13. I've answered here "I can add a setting to choose what types would be displayed"