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  1. What's? Params or settings?
  2. Hello, General idea is show all topics. I can add a param mids Something like forum/rssalltopics.xml?fids=1,2,3&mids=1,2,3. Show topics from forums with id 1,2,3 and created by users with id 1,2,3 or add new settings on ACP Inbuilt rss show the topics sorted by reply. Example My plugin show the topics from selected forums sorted by start date
  3. Hello, No. RSS feed include topics from all forums. I think to add a param fids Something like forum/rssalltopics.xml?fids=1,2,3. Show topics from forums with id 1,2 and 3
  4. Give me an example v 3.4
  5. Hello, Add also .nbPinned .ipsDataItem_main { padding: 6px 10px; }
  6. Hello, 1. Give me the link on wrong page. 2. No.
  7. Hello, Done already. I'm and @Joey_M testing the app.
  8. {{if $coverPhoto->file}} {{$coverPhoto->overlay = "<div class='ipsType_veryLarge'>{$topic->title}</div>";}} {{endif}}
  9. Hello, It's correct code. Open template nbTopicCover. Find {{if $coverPhoto->file or $coverPhoto->editable}} Add after {{$coverPhoto->overlay = $topic->title;}} You can use html Example {{$coverPhoto->overlay = "<div class='ipsType_veryLarge'>{$topic->title}</div>";}} Result
  10. Hello, Yes.
  11. I think there was a link to
  12. Hello, I can't edit start post. Search by (NB34) Topic Reputation
  13. Hello, 1 setting for all tabs or 2 settings for every tab?
  14. Hello, 1. It's by default. The block has css class ipsResponsive_hidePhone 2. I thought to add a setting. But added css rule 200px. You can edit app css file or add your properties in custom.css. 3. I think about it. 4. I thought about it. Add setting to set global image or per forum. Maybe. Inbuilt cover photos hasn't option to set link. 1. No. Ask @gerard001 2. Nothing if the user hasn't permissions to manage cover. Black block if the user has permissions to manage cover. Yes.
  15. PM me and I'll send you new version for testing.