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  1. I just installed rules application (free edition) just to have ONE custom data field when i create a new topic for a specific forum.... Just for the sake of it can you just describe the general approach for the dirty plugin you developed? I am a developer but never touched IP development until now...
  2. Thanks. You could consider adding a batch update for those that find your plugin after having a lot of users It would surely boost sales.
  3. Can i use this plugin having all my users already created? I mean i need to BULK update the followed forums for all my existing users
  4. I couldn;t find a specific place where i can suggest a fetaure request, so i will just put it here. Request: To be able on menu item basis to specify if we want to open the link in a new window. Thanks
  5. So i am ready now to upgrade to IP 4.0 since you have your plugin ready. How i should upgrade in order NOT to loose your plugin settings and data?
  6. Maybe we should forget this for v4.....
  7. I think its crucial for us to know if we can upgrade our suites to 4.0 and have this nice plugin with it...
  8. I have also opened a support ticket about this and the guys replied that they will look into this to add it in upcoming updates.
  9. Hi! In 3.x there was an option in IP.Content navigation menu that says "hide tab from groups". In conjunction with menu item permissions gave some flexibility in menu building. Now there is only permissions options in menu, and moreover when you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x the options you have in "Hide tab from groups" become your main permissions. So when i had in 3.x hide from Guest , in 4.0 only guests were able to see the menus :)))
  10. Jst successfully test upgraded my forum to 4.0.2 Any news for this plugin roadmap to 4.0?
  11. Also in the feature plan i dont see any reference to what i originally wanted..To be able to search in the private forums...We will see i suppose
  12. ​4.0.1 is not IPS4 official ?
  13. I havent personally tested 4.0.1 Does anyone has any updates regarding searching improvements?
  14. Thanks guys, I already started , installed IP.Content + Board and i am ready to dive in to make it work as i want....
  15. I got it , thanks.... It just "feels" so good when i am reading about development changes in 4.0, so whan i think of start learning the current way its kind of turnoff :)