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  1. Hi, everybody! I have reccuring events (yearly) in my calendar for everyday. I want them to be shown in upcoming events hook. BUT I want to see there only today events, not today and tomorrow! Is it possible to change? In ACP I can change it to only 1 day before. I need 0 :smile: But it doesn't take 0 into consideration...
  2. Thank you, DawPi! Everything works great with 3.2.3! :yes: :D
  3. Ok, thanks! I'll try 3.3 first :)
  4. Hello! I'm trying to download the previous version for 3.2.3 but only updated 3.3 version is available with these links. Does updated 3.3 version still works with IPB 3.2.3? Just to be sure before purchase :yes:
  5. Is it possible to add Calendar events to be displayed instead of latest topics? Thanks