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  1. Wait so if I disable the email, I won't have a problem with visits or clicks counting towards the refereed amounts of users in both top refers and in general, so if I just let them use a link it will count if the user joins as a +1 to the system but not if they only clicked and did not register, am I correct?
  2. You uploaded the wrong file, I'm guessing we are only allowed to download 1.30 and can't find nothing related to 1.42
  3. Is it possible I can pay you for this special request, though I would love if you can make it for everyone as it would really help, someone can just spam a board and out of curiosity someone just clicks the links, and by that logic a lot of users would so he can just get the count on refer up by a lot for just spamming, if it were with suggestion it would do nothing unless one them registered.
  4. Going to add now.
  5. Please Read THIS>
  6. DawPi, I have a modification request, my forum has been using this applications for months with a referral contest we made up to make users actually use the system and refer so if they get the top referrer they would get a prize. We removed the application after we got over 1,000 members because it became unfare, users could just spam a board for clicks and look like they won, we need the application so that the top 5 refers are actually on the number of users refereed by the user and not by the number of clicks on his link.
  7. Once I installed this, I get an error. "Fatal error: Call to a member function totalStats() on a non-object in /PHAT/community/admin/applications_addon/other/donate/sources/hooks.php on line 80" How do I fix this?
  8. Almsot new year
  9. Any chance this will be updated?
  10. Suite

  11. Suite

    I reinstalled it a about 4 times.
  12. Suite

    I don't know why this is happening.
  13. Hey sorry about my late reply. I wanted to make it only give points when a member registered.
  14. Any chance this will be updated to 3.2.3
  15. I have latest and 3.2.3