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  1. Bingo!! You just scored!!! The second one appears to be solved.... And for the first one.. I tested the issue again, it only appears to be faulty in the Google Chrome, in the imac (SAFARI) and with the PC (Firefox and safari) appears to be just fine.... So appears to be a Browser related bug... I understand you have nothing to do with a Browser issue, anyways if something come up in mind, please let me know... Thank for your help! Regards,
  2. For the second one, i asked for support and they told me: Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance... Regards,
  3. Ok, sorry for the delay. This is what I get when i replace according to your instructions in ipb_styles.css: If i replace this: background: #9e9e9e; for this: background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #222222 !important;[/code] here: like this: I get this: But the letters there in the menu are still invisible (White).... Regards,
  4. Yes, regards,
  5. There you go...
  6. Hi, I have a couple of problems here, when i see recent topics the letter is white and the background is white also.... And in the categories when i select a post the pop up also have the very same problem... Can i have your help? Thanks in advance!