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  1. Manage Inactive Members

    Any way we can fix the problem i mentioned above? Just wanting to move all members who are inactive and got less than 4 posts gets me this in the Debug run: WHERE posts <= 0 AND ( last_activity <= 1320354370 OR last_activity IS NULL ) AND joined <= 1333314370 AND member_group_id IN (3) LIMIT 0,250 Notice the WHERE posts <= 0, where i've clearly selected ' 4 ' in the x number of posts field. also because the 'members' group is (3) in my forums, writing the number ' 3 ' into the x number of posts field lets the debug run fail (something went wrong, see the task log etc...) So i think there are some values swapped in this mod. I've tried this mod on ipb 3.2.x and 3.3.x, with a fresh install. same result every time.
  2. Manage Inactive Members

    Hi, I'm encountering a problem when trying to use both the "Select which groups to move when inactive" (im_moveInactive_group) and the "Number of posts to get moved?" (im_moveInactive_post) settings at the same time. I tried a clean reinstall, and the issue is still reproducible. Here are the STR from a clean installation: Go to Other Apps -> Manage Inactive Members -> Settings -> Move Inactive Members. Select a group of your choice from the "Select which groups to move when inactive" listbox. Hit the Update Settings button. You'll see that the group selection was correctly saved (when the page reloads, it's still highlighted in the listbox). Look up the ID of that group. That bit of info can be found in Members -> Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups (next to each group in the list there's an ID). Go back to the Other Apps -> Manage Inactive Members -> Settings -> Move Inactive Members page. Insert a number in the 'Number of posts to get moved?' textbox, corresponding to the group ID you found. i.e. if the group you selected had ID = 3, insert 3. Hit the Update Settings button. Expected result: The number of posts gets saved, and every other setting is unchanged. Actual result: The number of posts gets saved, but the group listbox gets cleared. You can no longer select the group until you change the posts number setting to any other value. I'm using IP.Board 3.3.1.
  3. Contributor Badge?

    It is? well, this is interesting. Any advice on creating something like that? I mean if this is not automatic, it's still hugely useful. with a link to your files and even a file count via mouse over. impressive.
  4. Where can we set up the 'Contributor' Badge in our IPB Forums, like IPS' own Board (this one) has? Users here get a 'Contributor' Badge, once they have submitted a file in IPS Marketplace (IP.Downloads) Clicking this link takes one to the User's submitted downloads. Example: Michael's Contributor badge Is this a feature of the IP Board or a extra hook/modification? I've looked everywhere for something like this, this would be really something that i'd need on my own board.
  5. phpbb3 users passwords

    yes, this is enabled if I do diagnostic than have that: Auth file exists? Missing MISSING ./sources/loginauth/convert/auth.php but file exist on this path
  6. phpbb3 users passwords

    I'm trying to convert from my old forum (phpbb3) to IPB3. I've used the newest converter available from the invision power site, but I'm having issues with it. Nearly everything worked fine after the conversion, except that old passwords don't seem to work. I can't log in with my old account details, neither can everybody else. Would you have any suggestions?