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  1. FYI - this happens on my board as well... I just assumed it was how it loaded into the page - it lists all your switch accounts across the top for a moment then they vanish.
  2. For anyone considering this just wanted to say that it works great! - handy little mod so dont have to keep logging in and out.
  3. NM - got it!
  4. Bought it and excited to use but getting this error Fatal error: Call to a member function hookdp30aswDropdownShowList() on a non-object in /home/thegreat/public_html/hooks/dp3_accountSwitchModDropdownShow_a2e0bafe4bed8d2f05f3ea1d6400f8a9.php on line 54
  5. Is there a plan to update this for 3.2? and if so is there a target date? Thanks!
  6. This doesnt allow you to pick what groups to show from - the reason it would be useful is it is pulling the count for inactive profiles so the first one listed has no name but 534 topic starts which looks odd above all the other.
  7. doesnt seem to accept links.. it always prints all the code in the block rather than simply linking it.
  8. Also - is there a way to default the tickets to public?
  9. Really like this mod but would like to be able to have guests submit tickets. We are using it like a site help ticket system and if they are having trouble logging on etc they can not submit tickets.
  10. bought it without the answer ;P so far really liking it.. had some install errors but luckily I had read all the posts here so I was able to walk myself through it all. Do have one question though. The forums are being created under a category I made specially for the groups but neither the category nor the groups are showing on the board - I have checked all the permissions and made it public and open just to see and still they dont show - but in the admin panel under forums there they are - any thoughts? follow up- ok and the group I made I can not get to the discussion section "[#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum." could have sworn I had read in this thread somewhere hot to resolve this but for life of me cant find it.
  11. Was considering purchasing but noticed the reference to 1.2.5 coming soon - should I wait for that version? Or perhaps the better question is how soon will it be coming out? and if I purchase 1.2.4 is it easy to upgrade to the latest? Thanks!
  12. doh - nevermind.. when I activated the auto resizing it worked fine :rofl:
  13. Before I change this - I actually do not have the auto sizing enabled... would this still help?
  14. Not sure if you can see but under the Awards Gray link there are two dots - this user has 2 awards. For a user with one award it shows one dot. And yes - all hooks are activated.
  15. great adds for the new version but I am still wondering if I am supposed to have more than dots on the profile bar beside the posts because seems the awards should be showing there?