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  1. I dont often make posts to this forum but on this occasion was compelled to. Surely rates among the very best themes ever created. Simplicity has a beauty all in itself, many other theme designers could learn a lot from this design. I have given this five stars but still feel that a little more could be done to the ACP. It took me all of 5 seconds to consider this purchase and I would have no hesitation in making a recommendation to any one...... Very impressed with this to say the least !!
  2. Pretty much a waste of time, went through the entire process of uploading all the files, only to find out that the demo licence is expired. The encoded file /home/amulet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi/wordpressLoadIPBWI.php has expired. in Unknown on line 0 Can you try and update the download file so this can be tested....please
  3. I am somewhat dissapointed with this application because it suffers from the same issues that do many of the applications offered on this website, lack of documentation, which essentially translates as lack of support and that means i do not enjoy the full benefits of the product. The author I feel has let himself down to a certain degree. What could be a ''great software application'' is only ''very good'' as a result. I have marked my experiences accordingly, that is I have given 4/5 stars, which I note is also the overall average. The author and many of his clients may be well versed in the operation of IP board, but for those of us that are not proper documentation makes a very big difference and I suspect would also make a difference to the amount of time that is spent providing support services. Now I need to hire a progarmmer to complete the work that I should be able to complete myself because of lack of support documentatuion. Dont mis-understanbd me this is easy software to install and configure, its well written, works out of the box, and quite honestly I absolutely need it. But beyond that I am left in the dark and having to contact the author for every little question is simply ridiculous, in fact i feel embarrassed burdoning him, but then again its an issue that he could avoid with a liitle more effort. .
  4. Its a nice skin, no doubt about that, an exciting dynamic design, probably one of the best. Its a shame you let yourself down with some of the worst documentation i have seen, or not seen to be more precise. It would have been 5 stars from if it were not for this issue. So its 4/5.
  5. Thank you...simple, easy and works
  6. A very very big thank you, this is without queston one of the best skins available, paid or otherwise. You deserve a tremendous amount of credit for donating this to the community and you have my complete admiration for your generosity. Once again THANK YOU
  7. 3.2 UPDATE when is this going to happen ????
  8. Absolutely superb, well worth the money and a lot more. Use this in conjunction with fusion menu and you have a very powerful suite of plugins to customise the Invision application